Three cat's went a wondering

Suddenly going from having one cat to having 3 cats takes some adjusting not only for me but for the cat's, smudge who thought she had found cat's heaven was suddenly confronted by 2 other female cat's both bigger than she is and also finding that going to get breakfast dinner or tea can be a scramble upset her for a while but cat's adapt they may be territorial but when shove comes to push perhaps we can get on even if there is a growl or the occasional paw in your face, when brieni and jimbob came to live with us they needed beefing up and needed some special TLC which I hope they get now all 3 cats bonded with me I suppose because I feed then and wait on them hand and foot, they will wonder over to Angel from time to time but I guess they have made me a member of there gang so rely on me more, a few minutes ago they all wondered out into the back garden like elephants holding one anothers tails well not that close but following smudge onto the grass and each finding a patch to soak up the Sun, smudge and jimbob are still soaking up the Sun but brieni has decided to come and on the chair next to me and sleep, after a gave her a bit of fuss as you do.
It has taken weeks to get brieni and jimbob to spend time outside when you have lived at the same place for 12 years I suppose like me you put roots down and it is home, you know how stressful it is moving home guess the two cat's miss the open fields and meadows where they lived there were plenty of mice and other creatures to hunt but in our back garden the only thing to hop is frogs and toads, birds sometimes take there lives in there hands by landing on the grass but like tigers in the wild there is always a beady eye watching them blood 10.2 this morning take care twiddle