Best A1c yet!

I went to the doctor yesterday to get my prescriptions refilled, and they also took an a1c. Today they called me with the result:



I've never even been below 6 before, so this is awesome!

Way to go Timmy! Great job! That's awesome! How's the running going?

Pretty good, I had to take a month off when I broke my collar bone, but I'm slowly getting back into it again. I'm running around 3x a week now

Congrats on the A1C, that is amazing.

Definitely Awesome, Way to go!!!!

Awesome, way to go TimmyMac!

Not to unnecessarily swipe or hijack your thread, Timmy (and certainly a huge congrats on the recent A1c), but has anyone seen A1cs that were wrong?

I just had a blood panel done a month ago in May due to what a friend thought might be a heart issue for me (so it warranted checking out, right?...), and they ended up doing an A1c for me on the panel. It was a 5. Whaaaaaaat? I could hardly believe my eyes. A 5? Really?

I'm still rubbing my chin on this one. I knew the Dex would help me achieve new things, but I hardly expected to see a 5...

Whaddaya think?


Congrats Timmy - great job!

Michael - you don't say why you're surprised by the 5. Is it because your blood sugars seemed to high for such a low A1C? One thing to consider is that you can get a 5 by having an average of lots of highs and lots of lows.

Idk if my reading is wrong or not, but I know my meter averages are around 140. I know that this meter reads slightly high, but this reading surprised me! (but hey! I'll take it!)

Thanks for all the congrats guys :) It looks like all my hard work is paying off!

Awesome! I have high hopes for you since if I had run when I was your age I'd be fast as hell now!

I kind of feel the same way about the people that were on the xc team. Some of them started logging miles when they were 10 o_o

True enough, Zoe. I realize not everyone keeps track of what others go through here. I should treat each and every thread entirely separately, but I also hate to repeat myself over and over for fear of boring folks to death.

I'd mentioned in other threads at TuD that I had a 6.5 in September '11, followed by a 6.7 in January '12 after being on the Dex for three months.

With this most recent A1c, I hit the above-mentioned 5. I just find that a surprising drop, and I wonder if it's true (but, that's what the blood says! Who am I to argue, right?). My numbers have been overall much better over the past several months -- much flatter because I can get in front of trends -- and I no longer have those ghastly lows overnight that I used to experience without the CGM at my side (I have it set to warn me a 80mgDl). That's all made for a better, though really no less difficult, experience -- it's hard getting up at 2:32AM to eat. I'm working on adjusting Lantus now to ward off those nightly lows -- recently my Endo and I agreed for me to split doses of my Lantus -- that's a first for me with long-acting insulins.

I know that Timmy has worked very hard to get his 5.6, and while I have also been working hard, well, that what's I always do (we all do, right?). However, this is not new stuff to me, having been diagnosed back in 1982.

I'm just wondering. I know that my Ultra One-Touch meter can be off by as much as 20%, and I also know my Dex isn't perfect (I am one of those who will trust it for boluses -- I figure if my One-Touch can be off by up to 20%, then I am taking the same risks trusting the Dex).

To sum up -- overall I am feeling better because of all the micro-adjusting allowed by the Dex, but I was surprised by this 5. I feel really happy about it... but skeptical.


Hey, you should feel happy about definitely sounds like you worked for it! There are some other factors that influence A1C, but I forget what they are; one of the more scientific types on here can explain it.

As for the "A1C based on stability vs A1C based on average of highs and lows" I speak for experience. I worked really hard, got more stable than ever last winter and got a 5.7 in December that I was very thrilled with. Then followed a couple months of dealing with both highs and lows, and struggling to get things back in line. I put off doing an A1C not wanting to be disappointed, then my doc pressured me to do one, so I did. Much to my surprise it was again 5.7! At first I thought - this test kit must be stuck on 5.7! But then I realized that it just happened to average out to that. (Some of the more recent numbers were finally stabilized which influenced the average too). I did some searching through my remote to see my averages and they substantiated the A1C; that's the only way to tell the difference. Some people on here use Standard Deviation as well. Bottom line, that first 5.7 was worth a lot more to me than the second.

Congratulations, that is awesome!

Thanks for the info, Zoe. Now, back to your regularly scheduled thread...

And once again, CONGRATS TIMMY!


mine two months ago was a 11 im hopimg when i see my docs in acouple months its like 6 im im doing really good now my numbers every day are 120 to 188 and im taking metformin 500 at noon to make sure it stayes low before i was in the 500s all day long ugh! them days are over whewww

alright guys, i'm back. I lost power for 3 days and couldn't get on here.

So once again, thanks for the support guys! I tried telling my friends out in the "real world" and they just give me blank stares... sigh

Congratulations!!! YAY

Congrats Timmy!