Time for a new pump?

I am currently using a paradigm 722 and just realized it's warranty is expired. I absolutely love this pump but was dissapointed to find out that Medtronic doesn't offer any discounts or specials for existing customers looking at purchasing new pumps from them. So I visited Animas's website the other day and noticed they offer discounts for current customers wishing to upgrade their Animas pumps. After browsing their site some more I think I'm sold on switching to the One Touch Ping. I absolutely love the idea of not being worried about getting my pump wet and being able to bolus from the meter is a great idea. Are there any Animas users who can share some stories with their experience good or bad with the companies products and customer service? Like I said I've been very pleased with my experience with Medronic but just can't see my self paying $7,000 every 4yrs.

Is there no way to" upgrade " ??? with MM ?? …I have done this since 2001 …did not cost $ 4,000.00 every time I did …unless I truly misunderstand where you are coming from .

I recently switched to Animas from MM - They gave me $700 for my pump.

I called medtronic and asked how much a new pump would cost me. I was told just under $7,000. I then asked if they would give me anything for my old pump towards the cost of a new one and was told no.

Also saw this on the Animas site.

Upgrade Details
You own: You pay: You receive:
Animas 2020 $299 OneTouch Ping
Animas 1250 $399 OneTouch Ping
Animas 1200 $599 OneTouch Ping

Yes, they offer trade-ins. If you have a MM pump, they offer you more for switching. I switched and am much happier now. You need to call them to get the exact amount they will offer you. It is dependent on the pump model.

Thats sweet they buy your MM pump for switching! It’s not that I’m not happy now but it would be nice not to worry about my pump when boating or working out in the rain.

I had 7 pumps in less than one year, and 3 CGMS transmitters. I had it with MM, which is one of the reasons I switched.

Well I guess I’ve been lucky in that sense, no issues with my MM 722 in 4yrs. I have never had to use their customer support so I can’t comment on that. Are you now using the Ping or the 2020? How does it compare in size to the Paradigm pumps?

The ping. It is actually a little smaller. I don’t have the MM since I traded it in, but the dimensions are on both sites.

No, I refill my 722 every 5 or 6 days. I wouldn’t mind refilling every site change instead.

I find it strange that you were told there was no reimbursement for an old MM, I replaced my Paradigm about a year ago because the warranty had expired. They took around $550 off the cost of a new one for mailing in my old pump. Maybe that was because I was also getting the newer model at the time (522) so it fell under the “pathway” program as an upgrade. I would have assumed they’d do the same even if you weren’t getting a different model. My insurance covered most of the cost, so I only had to pay around $400 after the rebate on the old pump.

MM used to give you a $500 allowance for trade in of your old pump. Did they discontinue this? That makes me mad.

I’ve another 15 months on my 722, and I’m curious to read about what other people are using for a pump.

My understanding of the “upgrade”/pathway/switch pump company" offers for all of the pumps is that they apply to in warranty pumps only. If your current pump is out of warranty then it’s usually full price for a replacement. No matter what the company. (Minus the $500 rebate that Medtronic used to offer. I don’t know if they still offer that or not.)

I’ve been pumping for 8 years now and my warranty is up now. When I’ve upgraded in warranty I’ve used the pathway program and pay the $400 or so for the newer model. I did not always upgrade only if the price was worth the new features. But 4 years ago when I got my new pump it was full price as my current one was out of warranty. My next pump will be full price (or whatever insurance says I pay as my pump is out of warranty.)

I’m thinking of switching to Animas also.

You can use your current pump out of warranty though if you like.


My warranty was up when I received my “new” 722 (this was 2 years ago), and I still received the $500 allowance. I complained, since prior to my warranty expiring, I’d get info in the mail or a phone call alerting me to the fact my pump warranty was going to expire. Sometimes pushing the issue gets you somewhere.

If you are upgrading your MM it will cost a total of $400 and you send back your old pump. All you need is an RX from your Dr and they will FedEx your new pump with a return label for your old.

Just press them to honor the Pathway program for your out of war. pump. They will.

5 phone calls and every rep I spoke with told me the same thing. No allowance for me! It would have been nice to get a phone call or e-mail reminding me my warranty was about to expire but no such luck. I suppose from a business standpoint that wouldn’t make sense for them to do anyways.

I’m really tired of “pressing” them! I’ve been told numerous times there are currently no programs or incentives for out of warranty pumps. I spke with an Animas rep today who told me they would give me $500-$800 for my MM pump if I switched. The only downer is my new insurance doesn’t cover the cost of pumps so I have to put $2000 down and make payments for the remaining balance. This is one more thing MM did not offer me.

P.S The people at Animas sure are nice and really seem to care about their “potential” customers!

Somehow you are talking with the wrong people. MM has an in-house finance program and should be more than happy to offer you a large discount even for out of warranty pumps. They also offer discounts for people who don’t use insurance (and pay cash) which should amount to several thousand dollars off the ‘list’ price.

I am not sure who you need to speak to but whoever you are talking with now must not be the right one(s). Have you tried calling the new customer sales department? Or what about contacting your MM CDE and asking for their assistance?

I’ve been more than pleased with them!