Time For Me Now!

Hey All. I’m sorry about not commenting much lately (like for more or less since the start of the year), but things here have been…well…interesting. I haven’t had time to watch my d like I should have. (like the infamous potty chair accident) It really hasn’t involved my health (knock on wood) it’s just been personal things that have took my mind off me and put it elsewhere. Just a part of living right??? I’m going to start over now and try making some down time for me (as some here know it’s been emotional around here for the last year) OK going to check my bs atleast 6 times a day, eat right (yeah right! this fast food HAS to go!!!) and get some rest for a bit.

Just thinking out loud. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Sounds like a good plan Doris! Good for you for putting your health first.

Yes, Dear Doris take care of You!! I am finally starting to do the same thing. Love ya and get rest, eat well, and check those sugars. xoxo

I know this feeling. My last 2 months have been about everyone else, Last few days feeling kinda crappy. had two lows which I seldom have. Sometimes we must do an about face and take care of us. Hope you’re feeling ok. = )

Doris U have been in constant touch with you urging you on to Peace in the Valley so proud of you and your new attitude…you can do it. I know you can. I will always be there for you. HUGS,Reed

Good work DD thumbsup

I look forward to hearing about the better results when the hard yards start to pay off!

Hi Guys!!
Thanks for commenting to me it makes me feel so good when things here are tough I know I can come here and get some support!

@ Judith we’ve come a long way haven’t we Judith??? All you needed was to know how much we cared and still do!! You weren’t stupid like you say just “uneducated” and I hope that we helped you understand your d.

I just took a few minutes to look at your picture show. You took some GREAT shots of your grandchildren.