More like I'm suppost to feel now

As many here know I out for a bit. I was still answering ppl who posted on my page and was lurking around but I saw in a few posts that I put up my bad feelings commimg out and I thought it time to take a break b/c to me it sounded like a ■■■■■ comimg out of me. LOL! (if you guts thought I was bad here boy was I bad at home around my family but that’s another story! LOL!) I got over the “flu” I guess it was. My bs’s are back to respectable now AND I figured out the new set MM sent me! HEY I"M ROCKING!!! LOL!

Whenever you need to, you should take a break… from TuDiabetes and from anything that you need to get back on track.

Big hug, amiga!

Thank you Manny I just plain jelled to my couch for a few days there (more like a month LOL!) Even I didn’t like myself and that’s saying something! LOL!

Not as crabby now that’s for sure. High bs’s and stress can cause me to… ugh speak my mind when I should be quite! LOL! I did and I’m sorry about that. Kinda wasn’t too nice on a few! LOL! No wonder everybody moved out of my way at home when I walked by! LOL!

Hugs hugs hugs my friend! I have missed you dearly! As I have known you before…you are one toughie!

Hey Doris: :slight_smile:

I’m Happy that you are over the Flu and your sugars are in a Better place. Those 2 combined would make anyone grumpy. Good thing I didn’t see your post(my virgin eyes :smiley: ). Most of us have had to take breaks…some longer than others. Take Care GirlFriend. :wink:

Hey Doris : )
Glad your are feeling respectable again. I just got over bronchitis not fun first time I had that ugh! Rocking is a good thing : ) lol

Doris, glad you are feeling better. Taking a break is necessary. Glad you are back, love you grumpy and all LOL xo

Are you guys ready for me> LOL! Now I do much better. just needed a few days to be me again is all! LOL! Your so right Terrie it made me where I really didn’t like me. Ugh…INOT a nice persaon when I’m high. LOL! THanks to the othr’s who posted too many to name right now. THANKS ALL!

So glad you are feeling better, Doris. Be nice to your family, they really need and love you. We are always here whenever you feel like returning after a bout of the flu or whatever is bothering you.

Nope nobody missed it the “delete button” came in VERY handy during that time! LOL! I wouldn’t let it come up after I read what I wrote! LOL!

Me and the number 13 just gotta a thing so I’m going to leave this comment to get it to 14.