Tips to reduce callouses on fingertips?

As the title would suggest, I'm looking for any suggestions to help heal up a calloused finger as a result of finger sticks. When it started to build up (actually 2 fingers) I quit using those two fingers for testing. That was close to a year ago, and they still haven't healed up. The index finger is just a few tolerable hard spots, but the middle finger is still the entire fingertip. It is pretty thick and has cracked a bit in the middle with some very tender skin underneath. Sorry if that was a bit too graphic, I hope it wasn't. Anyway, again, just looking for what I might be able to do to help this disappear.


Usually callus on the fingers would sometimes just disappear when the friction causing the blister is removed. My husband had it when he frequently plays the guitar. Had you seen a doctor? Sometimes when it gets thickened it can cause cracking indeed and skin ulceration. Callus is also known to trouble people with diabetes. Sanding it down with a pumice stone may help...but a doctor may also prescribe agents with Keratolytic therapy (salicylic acid)

I used to play the violin a lot and had seriously callused fingers for years. When I needed/wanted to remove the calluses, I would soak my fingers in warm water to soften the calluses, and then gently remove with a pumice stone. I'd apply some heavy duty lotion and repeat as necessary. Sometimes it takes more than one go to get the callus, so it may take a few tries.

If you're getting cracks, I'd try an intensive moisture regime for a bit first, making sure to apply an antibiotic ointment/creme if you think it needs it.

I've heard of people using olive oil for soaking their hands, and vitamin e is supposed to be really good for your skin as well.

I'd also check with a doctor, though. If it hasn't healed after a year...I'd be a bit concerned.

I will probably check with my PCP just to be on the safe side before I make any attempt to take it down with pumice. I'm really bad about remembering to put lotion on even in the winter when my knuckles get raw and cracked. Will try to keep up with that. Last time I asked at my endo's office, the answer was kind of like you should expect it sticking your fingers every day, and not to worry about it. It is slightly annoying is all really. I don't see a need for any antibiotic ointment, as even though it is cracked and has some tender skin exposed, there's no real open wound or anything like that.
Thanks again