I’ve had Type 1 diabetes for about 28 years and I noticed a couple of years back that I get tired easily and can’t keep up with healthy people. Although I don’t have any serious complications, my blood sugar control wasn’t too good for most of the time. Of course, others tell me that I don’t look sick, but I just feel very tired all the time. So I wonder, is it only in my head, or does diabetes make one physically tired?

Tiredness was my main symptom before I was diagnosed. I think it was because my BG was either high or swinging wildly between high and low. If your blood sugar control hasn’t been that great, that’s probably why you have been feeling tired. I personally find that I have lots of energy when I eat a low carb diet and keep my Bg within the normal range- between 80 and 120 almost all the time.

Hi my name is Graham i am from South Africa and I wrote a piece concerning my life with diabetes and my karate training and how it has affected my training, I get so frustrated because I cant keep up with my fellow karate friends while training dew to the fact of getting tired so quickly. Attached is the piece that I wrote. Please comment on it. And remember never give up!!!
8495-MeMyselfDiabetes.doc (31 KB)

Olga,have you been tested for celiac disease and level of fasting cortisol? if not discuss these 2 tests with your endocrinologist

I know for me If I get up over 200 I am tired and if I get up over 300 I can’t hardly stay awake.

I have been diagnosed with celiac about 6 years ago. I will look into fasting cortisol though… Thank you for your reply Sohair!!

Hi Olga,
I have had db since my teens, for 34 years. I frequently feel very tired, even if I’m in a period of good control. I don’t know if this is a result of the many years I didn’t take care of myself, or just getting old, or being bored and depressed. I also don’t have many identifiable complications but I take a ton of pills for blood pressure, hypothyroid, depression and sleep. I think some of the side effects might be fatigue.
Also, as Andy said, it seems like the older I get, the more intensely I feel the efffects of high bg - in my 20’s I ran around with an average bg of 300 and had a ton of energy. Now, I too feel unwell if over 200 and absolutely horrible if over 300.
Good luck .

I ride my bike a few miles to work and back everyday, and sometimes I can fly and other times I feel pretty sluggish. I eat well and test regularly (last A1C was 6.2), but of course have my highs and lows. When I have a hard time keeping up with friends (usually on bike) I just remind myself that the added exertion is good for me even if I don’t like it.