'Tis the season

I imagine you’ve all received several e-mails from various friends over the last month or so. It’s that time of year…fund-raising season.

I don’t want to be left out of the party, so I’m doing my own personal fund-raiser activity for Dr. Denise Faustman’s research into a type 1 cure.

I’m going to be participating in the Hyannis Sprint II triathlon on September 6th. It’s a sprint triathlon so the distances are short: 1/4-mile swim; 10-mile bike ride; and 3-1/2 mile swim. Despite this, I’ve found the training is hard going. Most mornings I’m getting on the road to bike or ride, or dipping in the local lake for a long swim. My legs and arms are tired but my spirits are high.

I hope that you’ll consider supporting my efforts. The money goes directly to Dr. Faustman’s research which needs even more funding now that they’ve started phase 1 trials on the possible cure.

In September I’ll be celebrating (!) my 36th year with type 1 diabetes. So I figured I’d set myself a fund-raising goal of $3,600. This is a lot less than my previous fund raisers, but I’ve started fund raising a lot later than in the past.

To sponsor me, please make out a check (any amount) to Massachusetts General Hospital with Dr. Faustman Type 1 research in the memo field.

You can either send it to me at my P.O. Box
Bernard Farrell
P.O Box 937
Westford, MA 01886

Or you can send it directly to the hospital at
The Massachusetts General Hospital-East
Attn: Lynne Murphy
Building 149, 13th Street, Room 3602
Charlestown, MA 02129

If you’re doing this to sponsor my triathlon, please send me an email (bernard.farrell@gmail.com) letting me know how much you sent to Mass. General so I can track the level of sponsorship I get.

If you can’t sponsor me, I hope you’ll keep my efforts in your prayers. This is my first triathlon. While it’s not an Ironman like Ed’s Lake Placid tri, it’s still a lot of work for me.

You are so lucky that you live in a country where there is so many research. Here in Romania ther is no move from this point of view. Just shots for my little girl.That’s it. No other hope.No now, no ever.You are able to feel that are part in this by fundraising, participating in human trials. Yesterday I asked a close friend of mine who live in the USA to make a donation in my account to dr Faustman…I wish I could be more involved.