To A New Year!

Here's to a New Year for us all!!!!!! May we get good bs readings and have a GREAT YEAR next Year!!!! On a personal note here less upset emotions for the New Year!!!)

One of the fun parts of New Year’s Eve is making meaningful and fun toasts. I’ll remember yours!

Hey Trudy be sure to remember it! God knows last year…well I don’t know about yours but I’ve had better! LOL!

This last year was my DX year - Feb 26, 2010. Never forget it. Doris, my last year was one of the worst I have ever had so I know how you feel. Funny how for last New Years Eve - 2009 also sucked but for other reasons and I thought "It can't get any worse. 2010 has GOT to be better. It can only go up from here." Boy, was I wrong. I am thinking I should not think the same thing for 2011 - I probably jinxed myself last time. I shouldn't hope for anything than maybe things won't get worse.

I want a job for the New Year and that is honestly all I really want right now. Remember me in your toasts guys - because I don't think I will wish for anything for myself but I am afraid I might jinxed myself again. (Maybe it is bad luck to wish for things for yourself on New years?) I will think about everyone here though.

Well, last year, I had a severe depression, which led to my not taking very good care of myself, which led to a diabetic coma -- this year HAS to be better!

Best wishes to everyone!

Natalie ._c-

There for awhile I got to where I wouldn’t say “to next year” b/c every year seemed worse than the last! Depressing things happened EVERY year. And it just seemed to get worse. Now I’m broke and have popped my mouth off too many times (in the summer expecially) so all I can hope for is for it to get better. LOL!

Hey Natelie, It can’t help but be around here. I think everybody here wants to see me become unglued! LOL! I’M NOT SO THERE!!!

Doris- 2011 has to be better than 2010. During 2010, my husband and I lost our remaining parents ( his mom passed away 6 years ago.) I lost my Dad in April and my Mom in June, and my husband’s 105 yo Dad in Nov. I only want to maintain my health, D included and other medical conditions that I have. You have to count to 10 or maybe 15 before you blow your top this coming year. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL ON TUD.

Hey I have tried that counting thing but from 1 to 15 goes by FAST like 1,2 15 when I’m upset! LOL! I know bless your heart you had a year kinda like mine this year, we lost so much and so many ppl. I agree 2011 HAS to be better!

Happy New Year to all!!! This past year may have been a bummer for some or all of us but we get to look forward with hope for the next one being even just a scoch better!! Blessings to all! Karen

Happy New Year to you also Doris & everyone else at TuD! 2011 WILL be a much better year for everyone! I went into 2010 looking for a doctor that gets thyroid. I am exiting 2010 looking for a doctor that gets thyroid so I am determined I will find a doctor this year that gets thyroid – whatever the doctor version of I have kissed enough frogs! I have kissed enough frogs also, so ….

Me too! 2009 was the year I declared bankruptcy. I am beyond broke! Which is why the D diagnosis in 2010 was a supreme kick in the head esp. with no way to pay for it. :slight_smile: But I am still not going to verbally say it or think it - less I jinx myself. I won’t hope for anything and be surprised. When I hope for stuff, I get the bad stuff.

LOL! Me too! LOL!

LOL! LOVE THAT FROG!!! I think (as forward when I was a child as I was looking to be alive at the turn of the centry and all) this year has REALLY had it’s LOW points. The only thing I got last year was a new g-son born on January 19th the rest…Well downhill isn’t really the word for it but I don’t wanna get kicked off for my bad lanuage! LOL!

There you go! That’s what I’m hoping for anyway!!!

Well once you hit bottom, there is no place to go but up, but that hill is pretty darn steep!

I’m still trying to climb out of the hole in the ground I fell in. Once I get out of there, than I can start on the stupid hill.

There you go KimKat it was a hole! I was wondering what to call it! Hole now that works!!! Kelly the hill NEVER got steeper than this year.

Hopefully, you will do a turnaround this year and go full steam ahead.

You are right Doris - it was a pretty steep hill this year. I have been thru worse stuff, but when they keep coming bang, bang, bang, it is hard to keep getting back up. You need a break in between all the bangs!