To good to be true?

For 2-3 weeks my blood sugar has not been in range according to my OB. Today has been good… almost too good… my numbers have stayed below 130 all day :face_with_monocle: versus my normal 140-180 2hr postprandials ive been consistently seeing.

I feel like this is the calm before the storm… maybe my pancreas’s last efforts if you will. I have felt very off all day like foggy almost but blood sugars have been fabulous 🤷🏻*♀️.

To good to be true? Oddly I just talked to OB yesterday about insulin.

I have T2 but until I was pregnant in 2011, it was managed with diet and metformin. I knew I was going to fail the glucose challenge test, I did. I was put on a sulfonylurea which was an unmitigated disaster when it came to rapidly tanking blood sugar and general feeling like crap. Then I was placed on insulin and it was like a whole new world and with tight control over what I ate along with religious blood sugar monitoring my A1C went below 6.0 for the remainder of the pregnancy. Little Miss was born full term at 7lb, 2oz and no complications.

I stayed on the insulin for 6 weeks post delivery and then went back to metformin which worked well enough for the next two years until it didn’t. Frankly I expected it because my mother had T2 diabetes as well. I’ve been on insulin for 3.5 years now to good effect.

Personally speaking I felt the fog effect after my blood sugars had been trending high for a while and then made it consistently into controlled range. I think your body gets used to being a certain way and then when it is doing what it’s supposed it doesn’t feel so great until it gets used to it again.

All the best!

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