1st Trimester T2D METFORMIN- will my baby be okay?

Hi y’all! 29, Just found out I’m pregnant! I believe I am about 6-7 weeks pregnant. Sucks because I recently have been told I have high blood sugar before my pregnancy. I am testing metformin. I had a successful no complication pregnancy when I was 16. Scared what might happen now!

I just checked my level after eating and I was at 203, the highest it’s been in 2 months! Why!?

I also wasn’t officially diagnosed with diabetes yet. I was controlling it well the past month but I guess I slipped up. HELP

Your baby will be fine. You need to call your Dr. though and tell them you are pregnant and having high BG (blood glucose) after meals. As far as I know metformin is not used during pregnancy and you will most likely be started on insulin like you would be for gestational diabetes.

Have you had any testing done for antibodies such as GAD65 or had your C-peptide levels tested? You are a bit young to be a typical type 2 and type 1 can develop at any age. Do you have any signs of type 2 such as excess weight, high blood pressure, high cholesterol or family history of type 2?

As for controlling BG’s until you can talk to a Dr. avoid carby foods such as bread, rice, pasta and fruit. Drink lots of water and exercise after every meal. Light exercise is fine such as a walk or bike riding.

I haven’t been tested for any of that! Waited on a call back from my doctor. I had read metformin was typically okay with pregnancy but that’s just the Internet.

I think I got pregnant because I started merformin and my levels dropped. Was having unprotected for about 9 months without getting pregnant until just starting metmormin 2 months ago and I’m already 7 weeks.

I’m scared to cause my baby hard but as of tomorrow NO to low carbs!


As a male I am reluctant to write. But I will weigh in just because I can see you need some reassurance. Your baby will be fine, Remember women with diabetes gave birth for hundreds of years without blood sugar control. Most of us turned out OK (I know my wife may dispute that). But it is mostly true.

Now you do not want to let this persist. High blood sugar over a sustained period of time can lead to all manner of issues. My mom could attest to that. So call the doctor handling your pregnancy right away, they will get you on a regiment and get your blood sugar under control. While your baby will be fine you just do not let this go. For both you and the baby.

Oh and by the way congratulations. Babies are such a blessing may you and your family be blessed evermore.

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If you don’t reduce carbs. You may need to be higher on the drugs ladder. Seek medical advice.

For what it’s worth, metformin can increase fertility for some women because it can regulate reproductive hormones (it used in the treatment of PCOS, as well as diabetes).

Pregnancy increases insulin resistance, by a lot, so you may well need insulin during pregnancy even if you might not need to stay on it afterwards. Definitely need to see an endo ASAP to help manage. They may not be able to tell how much is related to pregnancy vs not until after you give birth and see how your blood sugars are then.

Good luck!

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Def what my doctor said today! Metformin can make you more fertile, which I did not know! I will be seeing a OBGYN soon :slight_smile:

Thank you! I appreciate your comments. I’ve been managing it the last couple of months since I found out my sugar was high and I’ve lost 15lbs and brought my numbers down but since being pregnant they went up!

I will def keep a close eye :eye:

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