To many lows

For the last few days i have been running real low. Like in the 20s, 30s and 40s. I never like being this low because i get mad at friends. My friend had asked me to spend the night but my mom said i couldn’t because of all the lows latley. She got mad at me but she does not know what i go through.

It sounds like your mom is just worried. I’m sure that, if something happened (you lost consciousness or had a seizure) she’d want to be there to do what she can for you.

Have you asked her if your friend could sleep over at your house instead? (Hey, at least it’s a compromise!)

If it’s any consolation, my husband worries about my lows. Can’t blame him because I get ditzy! just hateing all the juice

With you on the juice. Makes me feel queasy. I use jelly beans. Jelly Bellies has awesome flavors!

Tangerine Jelly Bellies are great. Chocolate pudding flavor is pretty good & is birthday cake flavor.

Who is she? Your mom or your friend? If it’s your mom, I sort of understand. My daughter is 12 and I am regularly having “heated” discussions of one sort or another with her. I am the person w/ diabetes though so we don’t have those issues. I understand your mom wanting to be safe but I understand you wanting to hang out with your friends.

Unfortunately, I suspect that your parents position is kind of correct, in that if your BG is 20/30/40 it’s not entirely safe for you to be hanging out somewhere? I run into occasional 30s and 40s, although I haven’t hit the 20s for a while. Kari’s solution of having your friend(s) over is probably the quickest one that might appeal to your parents.

In the long run, the other way would be to figure out what’s wrong. You should probably do that anyway. Simply, either you are having too much insulin or not enough food. If you aren’t eating to match the doses precisely, I would say ‘eat more’. If it’s a ‘stuff to eat’ issue (I was an extremely picky eater when I was younger…) and juice is gross, find something else? If it’s a dose thing, sometimes a change in activity, like a class on the third floor or doing a different level of class, different thing in PE or whatever might throw you out of whack. I went from two martial arts classes/ week to 5-6 a couple of years ago and things got pretty crazy for me for a while. Unfortunately, I had to sort of figure it out myself. If you can figure it out yourself, your parents should buy you a pony (just kidding, it can be very hard is what I’m trying to say!!) but if you need help, you should work with your parents to figure out what the problem is.

My daughter has a lot of issues w/ stuff like parties b/c neither she nor her friends plan a lot of stuff ahead of time and it usually takes me at least two or three days to get BG adjusted when I change but I’m old and boring so it may be a bit easier for me too? They decide to do something on Friday but by the time somebody asks their parents, they are out of luck because the evil parents (muwahahahha) have other plans or whatever.

Another issue may be if your parents don’t want to change anything without talking to your doctor, which might take a while or at least after the weekend. I can see how that would make sense as a parent. You may know as much as they do about it and may also know more about how you feel. If you need to change things, you may need to talk about it very openly with your parents. I would say don’t mess around with your pump without talking to them but if you are hitting 20-30-40 all the time you should take the time to sit down, write stuff down or do whatever it takes to fix it? If you have to deal with a doctor, then you should do that too.

If you are having 20-30-40 all the time, they will never give you the car keys! I have already informed my daughter she is never getting the car keys anyway. Long story…sorry to go on so much. Good luck with your situation! Let us know how you guys figure it out!!