To Sandy with love

To Sandy,

My loss is great,but your love will last with me till the day I join you.Life is measured by how much love you give,especially to all,no matter if different from you.
You broke the barriers,reached for all,so much energy till the end

But here,we do have each other to love,support and contiue our mission: United for diabetes,searching for better care and ultimate cure

When I go
No emptiness will be left
My place will be full
Of all love I left

Love the world
The crazy
The so tired
Love the arrogant
They turn
The baddies
They turn
Love those
Who deny
God’s presence,
Tomorrow they will
Have Him
In their hearts

Love the world
For me
Make the world
A better place
For now
And when
I will


1-March 2009

At 11:26am on February 23, 2009, saundra barragan said…
Dear Sohair,
I just found your blog yesterday. I am so sorry to not have seen it before. I left you a message on there. Please forgive me for not having seen it befiore now.
My love and prayers, my heart and strength are all with you.

Comment by saundra barragan on February 22, 2009 at 12:12pm
My dearest Sohair,
I am so sorry. I have spent so much tiome tending to my own sickness that i did not see this blog. Please forgive me for missing this when you needed so badly. I love you and am always with you and didn’t know about this. I am just so sorry. I would not leave you alone when you are so sad. My tears are for the pain in your soul. I wish I could repair the things that are wrong with these countries.
My prayers and my heart, my strength and my love are with you. I could feel such sadness with you but didn’t know what was in your heart. I am very aware of the wars and the bombing and the terrible death toll and have been sending my prayers to all the people too. I will be ever faithful in continuing
Peace be with you dear.

At 1:34pm on February 21, 2009, saundra barragan said…
Hi Sohair,
How are you doing my dear friend? You have more realy beautiful photos. They are always incredible. I am worried that you are tired and working too hard. Are you taking care of you too? I am sorry to take so long to write to you It is clear to see you have been very busy I pray that you are well and am sending many warm loving hugs to you Please take good care of you for all of us.
At 10:45pm on February 10, 2009, saundra barragan said…
Thank you dear Sohair The flowers are almost as pretty as you are my dear. I wish we could all get together so we could all learn about these places and about each other. Your photos arre all so intriguing and wonderful. I think of you and hope you are doing well. My loving support and strength are still with you, Peace and Love to you and many hugs also.
At 8:14pm on February 3, 2009, saundra barragan said…
Hello Dear Sohair
Thank you for the beautiful roses. And thank you for bringing Noor to us as well. How is your lovely family doing? And how are your precious little ones? My little grandson asked if you are okay and asked about your “babies”. He is only seven and thinks that all your patients are very small children. He says he knows you will make them all better,.
How are you my friend? I think of you often and hope you are getting some rest. Please take good care of you too. We need you with us.
In my heart i am with you as well. Sometimes we share some quiet time sitting in a lovely little garden as we watch the sun setting. When I am thinking of you, sometimes you tell me about your day. I wish you well always and hope you too find these peaceful times. You are such a precious gift to me Sohair and I cherish your friendship. Be well my friend. You are loved.

No one is allowed to die
Do not feel dead tired
Do not say
I may
And starting
Saying to all of us
Many good bys

Do not mention death
Sing life
To the last minute of it
Sandy never mentioned
She would

But she loved to travel
To another life
Full of joy
Full of life
There, there
All will be singing
Songs of praise
To the only
God there
The creator of beauty
And all

No one can claim
God to be only his
He is for us all
Love he is
Praise God
Good by Sandy
Till we meet again
From all of us

4 March 2009

Miss you sandy