Today Is Emily Coles Last Day - Let's Say Goodbye

Today is @EmilyC’s last day. She is moving on to bigger and better things. I expect she will still be a regular member of our community but she won’t be our community manager anymore.

Let’s all pitch in and share a story about Emily and wish Emily all our best!


You can read @EmilyC’s post saying goodbye to us over at DHF.

I have been fortunate to meet Emily several times over the years, at various conferences and even for a visit in San Francisco. I have to say, Emily has really grown over the nearly five years she has been at DHF. I was particularly impressed with her talk last year at Masterlab where she showed us a presentation she originally gave to a meeting on women in government. I’m sure you all appreciate how great a job Emily has done as a community manager, but she has also grown into a powerful advocate. Thank you Emily!


Emily - Thank-you for all your generous contributions you have made to this community. Your passion, competence, and good humor become quickly apparent to anyone you meet. I wish you the best moving forward with your career as well as personal life. I hope to be able to cross paths with you soon. Please stay active here as this place you’ve helped create helps many and I don’t really want to say goodbye!


Thanks, @EmilyC for all your hard work to make this the safe, caring community that is has become. I wish you all the best in your future adventures. We’re all looking forward to see what wonderful things you’ll accomplish!

I’ll echo @Terry4 – please stay active here, so we can continue to share stories and experiences!


Stay safe and in touch Em. Hugs!

John aka ChiefNoBirdies


hugs Emily. we will miss u


There will never be another Emily Coles! It has been a true honor to work with and get to know you, Emily! I shan’t say “good-bye”, just “see you around.” Thanks for the positivity you brought to TuDiabetes. I aspire to emulate a fraction of the joy you exude.



I’m relatively new here so unfortunately didn’t get to interact with @EmilyC so much, but even I could tell by witnessing her contributions and interactions with others, just how deep and significant her involvement in this community is.

Thanks so much for everything, Emily. Wishing you all the best!


(((((((((Hugs)))))))))) Maureen :heart_eyes:


This is pretty difficult for me to write. Emily has been a constant in my life as a member here for years. Lately she has become even more important to me as a co-worker and friend. More times than I care to admit I’ve reached to her for advice on how to handle a hairy situation. I’ve always looked to her as the voice of reason.

The two of us are diametrically opposed to almost everything in life. Food, politics, social issues, etc. But regardless of that, our friendship works beautifully. We accept each other! I know she’s not leaving us for good. And honestly, I can’t wait to just talk to my dear friend.

We’ve been through a lot together in a short period of time. @jrtpup’s passing is the first monumental even that comes to mind. That unfortunate event brought a lot of us together @David_dns, @Philmore, @Stemwinder_Gary, @MarieB, @Stoner, @Linda_G, @Doris_D, @DanP, @John_M2 and probably many more that I can’t remember right now. It created a strong bond that can never be broken.

Emily, you are the reason we are here. The reason we call each other friends. The reason we love this community.

Take a look at this video. It is the reason I’m here and the reason I call my D friends my bumblebees.

Sarah :four_leaf_clover:


Gosh so many memories. Emily is so very compassionate, genuine, sincere, honest, loving. I trust her completely. She has shown the finest team building skills I’ve ever seen as leader of the admin team. Always thoughtful, respectful and showing the greatest judgement for whatever decision needed to be made. In times of crisis or tragedy (such as our loss of @jrtpup) she comforted, calmed, extended a hand, jumped in and did what had to be done, never lost her temper.

She’s warm, funny, creative and energetic. She’s a natural in front of the camera. Here’s a little chit chat w @askmanny & he describes their first meeting and how he feels about her role as community manager

She has been an international competitor in same-sex ballroom dance and a couple years ago there was a hilarious campaign to raise awareness for the BigBlueTest where Em was teaching Manny how to dance the salsa (one of her her specialties) A really fun time!

I love you Emily!


Congrats on moving on, @Emily–very glad we’re not losing you as a participant, just a manager (which you’ve done very very well indeed!)


I’ve only know Emily with a smile. She is the forever helpful, always supportive friend that everyone wishes they had. I wish you the very best in your endeavours, Emily, and I’m relieved to know that you will still be here, as a member.
Baskets of hugs…linda :heart:


Dear Emily,

Thank you so much for your warmth! For your positive approach to everything! For your humor! For sharing parts of your life! For making diabetes seem not so overwhelming–something that can be handled! Thank you for your smile on the many live interviews! Thank you for your laughter! Thank you for all your efforts to bring so many interesting people to us and for the opportunity to learn so much from them–and from you!

Wishing you all the best in your future adventures and look forward to hearing about (at least some of) them on here!

Very best wishes!



It’s a music video about US!!! I love it. And as a side note, until watching this I always thought he was singing “I just want to keep my jeans dry today”, and I thought “um… yeah. Let’s all try to keep our jeans dry, huh?” (I realize now the words is not jeans, but cheeks).


I love you too, @MarieB!! Your kind words truly touch me. I’m so glad to have worked with you, and to still call you a good friend!!

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Thank you, @Brian_BSC, for starting this very touching thread, and for all of you who have added to it! I’m not saying goodbye to anyone, because I’m not leaving. I’m just scooting over.

As I’ve been trying to wrap up loose ends here and show @cynthia_rogers as much as I can I keep coming across things I meant to do, people I meant to interview, projects I meant to start in the community… There are an infinite number of things that can be done here, which is part of what makes it such an exciting place! I know that Cynthia will bring a whole new set of ideas and projects, and can’t wait to join you all in participating in and enjoying them!

I love you guys!


This presentation Emily did at MasterLab last year was AMAZING!!!


@EmilyC: I will never forget how you came to interview for the Community Manager job (woa, was it 4+ years ago already??) with zero experience in community management, but a heart of gold and a willingness to learn… and learn did you, and love everyone of our members did you!

And you brought Pup (Emily’s dog) for the interview (because you had recently adopted him)… which I thought was… well, interesting!! And when we were done with the interview over lunch, and another dog with his human was walking past us, Pup almost runs with the table attached to him, to scare the other dog away. PRICELESS! :slightly_smiling:

Emily Coles: I will never forget you, and the great moments we lived together at DHF, and even after I left the staff. It was a treat to be able to see you and hug you yesterday, before you depart.



This is not goodbye @EmilyC, I know that we could never forget you because you have had so much of an influence in the ways of this community. I truly believe that what we see now with TuD is the house that Emily built. I am forever grateful for the time and effort you have dedicated to DHF and TuDiabetes.

Just because you will no longer be a part of the staff that takes care of the day to day operation of this community does not means that you will not be just as much a part of our family as ever. I am glad that you have chosen not to totally leave us. It will be nice to see you soar to new heights but it is nice that we will still be able to hold you within our embrace.

Thank You