I know many of us are not in America, but today is a day of thanks. It is not a day for warring, or arguing… it is not a day for whining.

It is a day for appreciating what we have, our blessings, our family, our health within the circumstances, whichever those might be...

There are SO many things to be thankful and grateful for... Despite all the bad things... Despite our differences...

Why don't we take a moment to say thank you?

Thank you Manny for this wonderful site... For understanding friends... For meeting across the isle, even if we are a different type. For support. We will be the closest people to understand each other, regardless of the type, compared to someone else without Diabetes. There will always be uneducated people, and those who do not understand... but you have taught us that we can be the force of change, and not division.

Happy Thanksgiving, all.