Today is the beginning of the rest of my life ( Healthier life anyways )

So I have made the decision to truly put myself forward and take control of my diabetes. I have always viewed myself as a strong willed person but one of my major weaknesses has been keeping up with my diabetes. I have gotten in little spurts of taking care of it and then i will see a high BG level and it just kills me… so i stop trying to fix it… out of sigh out of mind right? Well no more of that. I am not going to try to fix it all at once like i have before. As it has been suggested here i will take it one step at a time… and blog about it! maybe it will help me keep on track… so today’s accomplishment. bringing my lunch to work ( which my wonderful wife packed for me! wonder what it will take to get her to do it everyday… hrm… bribe ideas anyone? )… it is not the most super healthy thing in the world… Turkey sandwich on wheat bread ( i’m usually a white bread only person ) with mayo, cheese and bacon ( mmm… bacon… dont know if i’ll ever be able to give it up… but it wont be today ) and some cottage cheese and tomato slices which are supposed to go on the sandwiches but… will probably eat them with the cottage cheese. and some diet ultra violet ( wild berry? ) mt. dew. Lets see what challenge i take on tomorrow! ciao!

Good Job! I think that blogging about your experiences as well as reading others’ blogs will help you to keep up your new ‘attitude’. I love having TuD as a resource for help and motivation!