Newly married!

And happier than ever before! The wedding was so amazing, and the whole day was just so amazing! It’s hard to put words to it. Everything went great. I wasn’t nervous or anything. I have pics in my facebook photoalbum. Will post the link to it on here :slight_smile: If you’re on facebook, feel free to add me as friend too^^,

Here’s the weddingpics!

Oh, and on another note. I called my new GP clinic today, it’s a private clinic. Wanted to make an appointment to see a doctor (still haven’t, even with the referral from my optician), called in at 2.30pm this afternoon, and got an appointment TOMORROW! Now that’s service!

Congratulations! You look stunningly beautiful Jennie. A wonderful couple. I wish you the best.

Jennie, love the picture. nice big smile on your face! let us know how your doctor’s appt. goes.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Well, doctor think I might have too little vitamin B12 so he tested for that and a lot of other things. Lab results will be back on friday. So it went well :slight_smile: