Less than 48h to go

Less than 48h to go now until the wedding! Am I nervous? Nope, not really. Everything has been settled since about August and we could have gotten married earlier than this if just having the approval paper ready earlier. I’m just a bit nervous about the actual ceremony since I have BIG problems speaking in front of people and hate being the center of attention, and many of my relatives and some friends are going to attend the wedding. So I’m just a litte bit afraid of speaking LOL

My fiance and I have been to a SPA all day today and it was so nice! I really needed that relax and peacefulness after the crazy times at work. I even nearly fell asleep in the waiting area of the SPA while waiting for my back massage LOL So relaxed now and really really sleepy. Just nearly 10pm here now, but I have a feeling I’ll be asleep like a rock in less than 2 hours from now!

Congratulations! All the very best for a happy and fulfilling married life.