Today is World Poetry Day. Let's celebrate it together!

What was your favorite poem? Why?

(Also, the No-Sugar Added Poetry Book is on sale for a limited time)

Hi Carmen. I missed the day you first posted this discussion on World Poetry Day. I recall an anecdote that went something like, Which of your children is your favorite? Answered by, The child who needs me the most today. My most favorite poem in all the world is the last poem that I wrote... A belated happy World Poetry Day!

I like Gerard Manley Hopkins and D H Lawrence poetry. Both paint such beautiful pictures with their words.

I loved all of the poems in the Sugar free book, so evocative.

Sweet! Well, not literally. (Sorry, this is not too creative lol)

But, as a fellow writer, it's always interesting to see creative writing projects by fellow diabetics.

Herbert White by Frank Bidart. I guess I'm a pretty sick guy for liking it, but I've always had an affinity towards really, really dark material.

I hadn't known about "No Sugar Added". I probably pick up a copy, since it's only ten bucks ( and truth be told, I've never really read "diabetes poetry").