Tomorrow is a new day

I mentioned in my last video that I stopped managing by diabetes. When I joined this site I was so motivated to start back up with it. I made up my mind that tomorrow I am going to start getting back on track. No more do I want to feel sluggish because my sugar is high and I ate something I wasnt supposed to. No more do I want to always have to have some kind of a drink in my hand because I am constantly thirsty. I know that this will only benefit good health in the future. Thank you everyone for the nice comments that I received in my last blog.

Yay! :slight_smile: You can do it! :)))


I did the same thing many times… I just stopped because I hate being diabetic, I hate have to pay all the money to buy what I need to live, I hate that I am the only D in my small little town. But one day I woke up and opened my eyes and said “I can do this”, And I am. I know and understand what your think and feeling. I have been there. Dont get me wrong I have my days that I eat the giant ice cream shake because I am mad and want to be normal… But the very next day or even hours later when I am drinking my diet Mt dew like water I go “OK you can do this again” So if I can do this you can!!! Good luck

Glad to hear this Sweetie. Very happy. You can do it.

Glad to hear you going to get back on track. I am too scarred to not take care of mine. I was dx’ed at later age LOL. Me weird. I was dx’ed about two years after you. Aug./08 in ICU, DKA at age 52.

Look forward to cheering you on…keep posting.