Too blessed to be stressed

Everyday we go thru so much and not realizing what we have already. The stresses we go thru about our jobs, our health, our living arrangement, maybe our friends and or relatives, our children, the economy, etc. Here’s an experience that I encountered.

I was waking up late Wednesday morning at 10:08 am and realized I was late getting to one of my client’s house. I had taken a nap after working the overnight shift getting out at 7:30am. So I got out of my scrubs and into my business uniform (owner). Into my blazer down Mopac south going 65 plus 5 than all of a sudden the traffic was slowing down mostly on the left side I was on. I realize it was going to take some extra time to get thru this so I called my client to let him know I’ll be there in 30 minutes more. As I was finally, getting to the cause of the traffic there was a 4 car collision and the paramedics had already gotten there doing CPR on two victims.

I was shaken, cause had I gotten on time to my client’s …I probly would of been one of the ones having CPR done on. I approach my client’s house and was slowing getting started because I had this accident on my mind. I noticed I was missing some cleaning iteams from the sink cabinet. I went to the back door to the patio were David, my client, was sitting and ask him about the items. He slowly got out of his chair eagarly to help.

You see, David has MD and he’s had it for about 4 - 5 years. He’s 6’ and 4" about and thin. You can already see his bones structure. He’s walking slowly but finds the stuff I need. He has a smile on his face that shows his inner strenght.
He proceeds to go back to the patio and enjoys the company of his two small dogs.

As I go to the back door to clean the windows, I see him relaxed and content. It’s like he’s in a secret garden filled with large greenery plants and beautiful flowers blooming. I glare at the collection of metal crosses and chimes that fill this magnificent space. All while he’s enjoying a cup of Joe.

I finally finish, I go to David and let him know that I’m done. I follow him to the office for him to write out my check, we start to conversate about the accident I saw than we talked about life. Than the words that struck me was when he said that HE was ‘too blessed to be stressed’ A man who doesn’t know how much time he has left was blessed. To feel blessed, to know it, to consume it, and to show it.

I realized I’m blessed to not have been one of the ones having CPR being done on, even thou we have diabetes anything else can come and do us under.

I drive back home and say to myself ’ too blessed to be stressed’ how true that is. My blessings are you guys, my children, my husband, my mother, my brother, my grandchildren, my overnight job, the list goes on. So tonight, I’m too blessed to be stressed…goodnight everyone and God blesses you, already.
Love, patti

Yikes… I’ve seen not one but TWO rollover accidents on Mopac in the past 10 years… I pretty much avoid driving it if at all possible! Thankfully I live outside of town so it’s not something I have to worry about most of the time.

But yeah, when I’m having an especially bad day, I take a moment to step back, and realize how truly lucky I am… because it is sooooo much worse for so many… yet most people tend to be positive.

Just what I needed! Thanks for posting =)

WOW! As I sit here with a BG of 339 (hopefully it has come down) and feet and ankles swollen so bad I can’t get shoes on you reminded me these are just bumps in the road. God has blessed me over and over again. Sometimes I forget how blessed I truly am. Thanks for reminding me.

I am to blessed to be stressed!

Right on Patti right on !

Hey Patti, Its funny as I hop around and read blogs, I find things that make me laugh. I have a graphic on my page that says exactlt that …Too blessed to be stressed. i try, don’t always succeed. The other one says Don’t take life too seriously, no gets out alive anyway,lol. Take care.

There’s just so much beauty in life to be thankful for. Thank you for sharing the experience Patti.

Too Blessed to be stressed… I love that… I’m gonna Cross-Stitch that. I have been so stressed lately … Has anyone ever had to put a parent in a nursing home… What stress … my sugars are always high, but even tho dad needs 24 hour care at least we still have him here huh…

“Too blessed to be stressed!” LOVE that! Please tell your client that a whole lot of us will be using his phrase. I have found not focusing on the bad stuff is the way I need to cope with things…just keep counting those blessings. Freaking out does not feel good! Now, I have a fun new motto.
Leticia…the whole aging parent thing is something pretty much all of us go through…if we’re lucky. It sucks, eh? If you are looking for a money making venture, this fun new motto cross stich should be a big seller.

I really feel for you, putting your Dad in a nursing home must feel terrible. He is in a place were they can watch him.

The transition for you will be somewhat a while for you to get use to. You have every right to go and see how he is being taken care of. As days, weeks go by your need to be his caretaker will lessen to being there to spending quality time with him. Your time with him will be more valuable. Let the nursing home do the hard work that’ll way you can just relax with him.

In the mean time you probly are too stressed, try taking an extra nap of an hour to let your body calm down during the day. I find that after drinking some green tea mixed with a fruit in a blender, I feel less in my stomach but have some energy that feels great. Also with high sugars, you might have to follow up with your doctor and probly up your dose just till you get them under control.

Remember stressing can lead to depression along with high sugars. This site is a great way to release some stress. Also by knowing that your dad is still around but you know that his day might be coming soon, find ways to have some good days with him so that if it should happen you will be content that you was there. You are a very great daughter to care for your father, he is blessed to have you.

Please write me anytime you need. I know some of what you are going thru, I have a grandson who has kidney disease since he was born, he is 4 now. I went and rescue him after my ex daughter said to the nurse that she didn’t want to take care of a sick child. She left her husband ( my son ) and her newborn baby in the hospital to die. I took action and said I wasn’t going to let my grandchild die. Took him home three days later, now he is 4 and a half. My devotion to him is the same to all here at Tudiabetes. We are all God’s children, we are all in this together. So believe me, if you need to talk here’s my number as well 512-801-9405.

I’m worried about you, keep in touch. Patti

It’s a lesson that would take some time to sink in but always the road you want to follow. Always the one to remember.

When a day comes and you need to remember, that’s when it hits you that you are too blessed.