Sometimes It's all Just To Much

Can stress cause blood sugars to be high? I never really considered that, I just always assumed if my sugars were high then I ate or drank something that I shouldn’t have. But today my numbers are high right now it’s 437, I have not eaten or drank anything out of the ordinary so I’m confused. I did have a bit of stressful day but life with 7 kids and a workoholic hubby is always stressful it’s just different levels of stress from day to day. But my husband and I have been trying to move for over a year now. We keep getting shot down and it’s very discouraging. We have worked very hard to get our credit score where it needs to be to purchase a new home but to no avail. But today we fell in love with a property we saw, it’s just what we need, and it’s a lease purchase type deal and my husband thinks that we should try that. But the owner who just posted the property yesterday said he has more then he can handle of prospective buyers. I wanted to just cry, my husband and I just sat there totally deflated we were so excited and the air was let right out of our high. We left our name and number with the man and asked him to call us if things fell through. I am so bummed right now, I really just want to get a moment to feel sorry for myself but there’s never any time for that. There’s always a pamper to change or a sippie cup thrust in my face that needs re-filled or a shoe that needs found cause God knows they can never put there shoes in the shoe bin, or a ride to a friends house, or a crisis with a melodramatic teenage female who now wants to kill herself cause I won’t allow her to wear that two piece thing she calls a bathing suite. I guess it’s a good thing my kids don’t let me get mopey cause that’s no fun, but really just once I’d like to throw my own tantrum see how they like it lol!

I’m also bummed cause my husband has to go away for work all next week and I never get to spend much time with him. When he is home I step back let the kids have his time cause they’re kids they need him, I’m grown I can wait, but I miss him so much sometimes it hurts. He asked me to go with him on this trip a month ago, but my daughters behavior is so bad right now I am afraid to leave. I can’t get respite for her through the adoption agency because they say there are no more funds, and because she is a “Flight Risk”. I have no one to stay with the kids and I’d be sick with worry so I’m not going. I know I’m whining and I’m sorry, but not really it feels good to get some of this out. But I really feel sick a dizzy so I’m gonna go…

Hey! I’m sure I cannot really understand how you’re feeling as I am far away from having kids, but it seems you’re pretty stressed out and I’m sorry for that. And I’m sure there’s no need to be sorry for venting here, it’s just the right place. :slight_smile:
To answer your question: Yes, stress can cause high blood sugars. Stress causes the body to release lots of hormones, which are all bs increasing or bs neutral. (I was in the 300 last week twice, once because I was nervous before giving a talk and once because of talking with a guy I … like.)
Hope you feel better soon! Vera

P.S.: Sorry for my bumbling English.

YES stress is hard on your BG. I went through a marathon emotional 5 hour session with my oldest and her husband yesterday. They are having problems. Mentally you get worn out and feel gooey and dizzy is that makes sense Checked my sugar it was 508! Took my insulin and was up and down all night doing corrections. Venting is good if it is what you are inclined to do when stressed. You are going through a tough time try to find some moments to relax. For me when it gets to much I put on what ever song I want really really loud and shout/scream it. It helps me. Then I get tired and pray and wait for it to blow over.

Make sure though you have checked your insulin and or infusion site and all is working.
Be loved you are