Too cold for neuropathy

I cant put my feet on the floor without pain. Temperature outside was -15 when I went to the grocery store with 6 layers of various clothes. Now 4 hours later, my feet are soooo cold and yet warm on top of my foot. But my calf muscles are spasming and my feet cant even lay flat on the floor. Guess be using walker or wheelchair for a couple of days. I take pain meds–Morphine SO4 60mg x2 a day and the pain has lessened, but the spasms wont give up. I am really scared that I have done something to my feet or knees and because of neuropathy I didnt feel it? Was thinking about wrapping ace bandages around the calves, but I have also heard that spasming muscles need blood flow -not wrapped flow. There are days when I want to just cut my legs off and be done with all the neuropathy. Amazing, I hit the 10 year mark and now with good control on BG I am getting this new pain and muscle issues. Wish someone in this group lives in the Divide,CO area and knows how to do this. Cant get into the bathtub to do a warm shower/ no tub baths anymore. Just so sad anymore. I live alone and it would be nice to not live alone for 6 hours or so. Now this–if I cant take care of me then I am looking at nursing home or having someone in my home (hate this idea) telling me what I need to do just because they are a RN. Its too cold to fight tonight.