Feeling sorry for myself 7.48am

You wake up some mornings take a quick look out of the bedroom window and wish you could stay there until the summer arrives, Shropshire is wonderful in the winter but getting older means I feel the cold more, as a teenager I would walk 5-10 miles each day with hardly a thing on well shirt trousers shoes but not like today I have to wrap up warm just to get the cat in. I am usually cold feet legs ear and nose before I get dressed enen having the heater on in our bedroon during the night does not help much, I can hear some of you saying what a wuzz he is and perhaps you are right not being able to work for 6 yeear and not really being able to go out of the house a lot gets your body use to a warm enviroment you could say I have become house tollerent.

Sitting here in our kitchen central heating on my feet legs and toes are very very cold I try to excersise as much as I can but that just tires me out and it takes a long time to get back to where I was, before I started I am sure the medication 10 different pills for heart failure prostrate diabetis does not help a lot it is living but not as I knew it JIM.

The wife and daughter take me out shopping some days but I cannot keep up with them so they have to walk at a snails pace and it spoils there day out so I try to avoid going out why spoli it for them it is not hter fault, 69 fags a day for 25 years did the damage rushing about worrying about work did not help so all in all I am cream crackered but only have myself to blame

The phot is of a white moth clinging to our front door this morning very beautiful if you like moths strange colour for a thing of the night what do you think.

Thanks for sharing this, us with diabetes have different hurdles in our life with other ailments we suffer. I feel the pain as well. It’s the strength in us to keep going. God bless you, patti

HI Ray
I know the feeling my feet go cold for while for no reason and I like you have trouble walking, When I go shoping whith my wife we don’t plan our route for the shops but for the seats so I can sit outside while she shops it’s ok on dry days, but if it rains most of the seat are not undecover,I do get some funny looks sitting on a plastic bag with my umberlla up, But on the bright side on dry days I have meet some very nice people,so on a nice day go out you never know you might just end up sitting nex to me. Graham Scott