Too much blood

I was changing my infusion set of my pump last night, I pulled it out like I normally do. went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror and it was bleeding so much I cannot even tell you. I had splatters all over my rug of blood, blood all down my leg, my shirt and pants were soaked with blood. Is this normal, has this ever happened to anyone else? I’ve only been on the pump for about 2 weeks so I’ve only changed the site 4/5x and this is the first time this has happened. Let me know please.

You had what we call a gusher. Your infusion set hit a capillary so when you took it out and it unplugged the capillary, a horror film scene occured. It is terrifying but no big deal beyond that. Just put pressure on the wound and it will stop bleeding. Sometimes gushers like this will cause you problems from the start of putting a set in so if you see high numbers after a set change that just don’t respond to corrections, you should change out the site. These are the things I wish our pump educators told us about. These don’t happen very so keep an eye out when they do. I have a spot on my belly that is only about an inch wide where I will get a gusher, everytime so I don’t put sets there anymore.

i am not on the pump yet but will soon this is kinda scary

nothing to be too afraid of…look on the bright side yu wont have to prick yer fingers to check yer BG…altho i wouldnt recommend it…:wink:

thaks that helped…kindda

thank you! i’m happy to get it when i do…just have to explore all the possible things though…ya knoww!

nope…not on thinners…hehe!

I have been on the pump for 8 years and I have had this happen to me at least once every few months. It usually means you hit a vein but you have to be careful when you change your site that it doesnt bother you. If you touch the infusion set and it hurts or you feel a pinch pull it out and redo it. I have had the unfortunate episodes of this happening and then going into dka because the infusion set hit a vein or just didnt go in right. Sometimes I have had to change the infusion set upto 3 times in one day to get it right but otherwise the pump is great. Some tips if you want is to never change the set at night do it in the morning when you have the whole day to monitor yourself to make sure its working and after changing the site know your blood sugar when you changed it and then check it an hour later to make sure its not rising and the pump is working.

That’s a gusher! They do happen. I have had about 5 of them in the 5 years that I am on the pump. It seems to bleed a lot, but once it stops, it should heal normally.

As others have said, its not too much to worry about, just a little capillary you nicked. I’ve done it before, but the weirdest one was when I pricked my finger and it sprayed up when I squezzed it lol.

That’s happened to me too! I shot myself in the eye when I squeezed my finger. It was crazy :slight_smile: