Too much going on this week to be sick!

Im SO frusterated! Ive got strep plus some sinus junk going on. I cant be sick! Thursday I have auditions for the fine arts festival at school. The fine arts festival is like where all the music/art/drama students either play, sing, or display art theyve made. The drama kids can do a monologue if they want to. The art goes on display and the music and acting make a variety show. Im in a guitar/piano class, so Im qualified to audition for the show. I was going to sing "Fully Alive" by Flyleaf. Cant sing too good with strep throat and a sinus infection...

Then saturday is prom. Im sure Daniel (my date) doesnt want to go with a girl thats so sick.

Not to mention what this is doing to my sugar levels...65 to 360 was my range yesterday. Totally insane.

On the bright side...My neighbor finished makeing my dress :D its SO beautiful! Its yellow. Like almost gold. I'll post some pix on here later. I got my shoes yesterday (pix of that comming later as well). Theyre silver high heels. Plus Im fixin to go raid my moms jewelry box since most of my necklaces are really old. Theres a really pretty butterfly ring she has the fits me perfectly. I'll probly take it. Idk what else she has, but I'll go look later. :)

Wow! That is a busy busy schedule… Sometimes stress can aggravate things you know… Maybe take just even one day off and do nothing just rest and relax. It might rejuvenate you.
I’m sure we would love to see you in your beautiful yellow-gold dress on your Prom! Oh…and your date too. wink =)