I'm so sick and tired of being sick and tired!

I am having such a yukky week! The rain just doesn't seem to want to quit here in Oklahoma and with rain comes the constant pain of my arthritis and also allergies to mold... sure makes me feel SICK even though I'm not really "sick"! Does that make sense? My sugars have been going up and down like a roller coaster, as well, which I guess is par for the course. I've been posting at sugarstats.com and my average is 156... I go to the doctor on Monday for my A1c tests and quarterly checkup so we'll see what happens next... Guess you could say I'm just a tad bit on the depressed side!

The summer has went by so fast! My son will start his Senior year in less than 4 weeks and that's causing a lot of emotional downs for me... MY BABY IS GROWIN UP! He is also getting way too serious with his girlfriend, as far as I'm concerned! but, whatcha gonna do about that one??? At least she is a sweet decent girl, but she is already 18, graduated high school last year, so a little older than he is... sigh...

Haven't been outside too much due to the weather. My horses feel like they're orphans, I'm sure! Got a colt that needs to be worked with and nobody has time to do it, so he's going to be one wild little thing once somebody does decide to work with him! Sure wish I was able to go play with him!

My son is going to the state's annual "calvacade" rodeo next week, which is a huge event here in Oklahoma/Kansas! It lasts for 5 days with lots of events, dances, ect.... He is taking a travel trailer with a couple of friends and staying most of the week... Sure hope those boys stay outa trouble! :( You know how teenage boys are! I know quite a few adults who are going, as well, who will keep an eye on them for me, though. I know they will have such a great time!

That's about it from Okieland right now... pretty boring life!