As TuDiabetes nears 6,000 members

I stop to think how time flies. Almost two years ago, I had recently finished reading The World Is Flat. The book had a deep influence on me, almost as strong as having participated in the Orlando Pumpers Club earlier in 2006.

Thinking over the Holidays, I came to the decision that I wanted to start a social network about diabetes and the result was TuDiabetes. My wife came up with the name (here is the story…)

Fast forward to today. We are nearing 6,000 members! How crazy can that be!

I guess I can only say:
I am VERY THANKFUL for all your support. It fills me with hope when I see how we help one another day in day out, through the bumps of life with diabetes and how we share our triumphs and raise our own personal bars when we see around us and realize how much more we can do living with diabetes.

Big hug to everybody!

Dear Manny. This web site is marvelous. It will help many thousands of people with the technical info and also moral support.

Merry Christmas Manny.As we moslims say,may be this community will be your best deed.May God bless you with health,happiness,success,you,your lovely family and your wonderful loving family @tudiabetes.
You deserve Noble prize,Manny,I mean it.

Wow! You’re right Manny. Time certainly has flown. You and Andreina have a Wonderful, ever-changing home here for People with Diabetes that is full of support, fasinating People, compassion, important information and Fun episodes, all built on a solid foundation. Thank you for such a home. Congrats on accommodating so many Terrific Members, soon to be 6,000.

Thank you all for your kind words!

Debb, amiga:
I wish I could do something about the snow. I have been following the news. It seems pretty cold!!! We are getting a bit of cold back in the Bay area, but nothing like most of the rest of the country.

LOL!!! :smiley: