I haven’t written a blog here in ages… sorry, life has been busy. But I realized today I was way overdue. And I should take this time to say here that more than one year after my diabetes was diagnosed (14 months to be exact) I am 100 pounds thinner. I still can’t believe it sometimes - yes, that’s me in the size 6 suit, or those tiny jeans! And I don’t even “diet” - this is due to learning to eat “right” - a low carb, diabetic diet, taking my meds and exercising. The way I will eat forever now. My Hgb A1c stays in the low 5 range, my triglycerides are almost normal now, my sugars are under control, and I feel almost like a normal person. And thanks to Tudiabetes for having given me some great tools when I first started out on this journey - I could not have done it without this great place! I wish everyone here the best of luck with their diabetic control as well. It is a life-long struggle, but I know it is something we can all do - we just have to stick together!