Topsail NC Vacation


Well we survived our first vacation with diabetes. It went pretty well. The drive down went well - it was peaceful because both my daughter slept almost the entire way! No fighting over things, no bickering, no -"are we there yet"! Olivia's insulin doses were cut in half. She is still honeymooning so she is already getting very little (1/2 unit humalog, 1 unit of NPH @ breakfast and then 1/2 humalog and 1/2 lantus @ dinner) So if she was supposed to get 1/2 she then got nothing? That was pretty nerve racking waiting to prick her finger and see what the number would be. My husband and I would try to guess first. The first couple of days at the beach she was really active and we made sure to give her snacks. She had only a couple of lows and usually they were after swimming. Getting alot of information from other people who have D or people whose children have D, swimming tends to bring in the lows. The warm water must make the insulin absorb faster! After a few days we noticed that her numbers were starting to get on the high side so we decided to go back to the original doses (yes, the doctor said we could do that). We had one low after that, but again after swimming. We new that she had to be low because she was acting really mean towards her sister and everyone. Her number - 55! Eek!! That low was probably my fault - I should of checked her before she started swimming. I gave her a snack before, but it wasn't enough to ward off the low. Live and learn, right?

Here we all are (husband taking photo) on north topsail beach! The weather was in the 90s and the water was so calm at times.

Check out this pizza! LOL! It was huge. We had to guesstimate the carbs in it and Olivia's BG was within range afterwards. Yeah!

I wish my husband's side of the family was more involved with Olivia's care during vacation, but that is also primarily my fault too. I should of asked them to come up to our room to test/give shots/ etc., but I didn't want to take away from their vacation. Don't get me wrong, if I would have asked, they would of dropped everything and came up to the room to help out in any way, but I didn't want to turn everyone's vacation into a diabetes education conference. Was I wrong for doing this? My mother in law after vacation stated to my husband that she thought this vacation was going to be more of a learning experience with Olivia! Go figure! I should of opened up my mouth and asked for help. Again, live and learn!!

Overall the vacation was a success, but I must say I'm going to invest in one of those frio packs!


Ronda it sounds like you are doing a great job and you have figured so many things out already. Keep up the good work. Olivia is lucky to have you as a mom and don’t blame yourself for everything as diabetes is no one’s fault and when things go wrong it is a learning experience for next time.