Total embarrassed idiot here


I'm new to pumping and must admit I'm an idiot.

Went for a motorcycle ride and wanted my ping remote closer to me so I could check more quickly.

Put it in my ZIPPERED coat pocket.

Couple hours later, realized my zipper had busted open and my meter remote was gone.

We retraced our trip going 5 miles per hour searching and searching and the thing is just plain gone.

I've been sick about it.

Anyone ever lose their remote? Were you able to get a replacement?

Seriously I was almost sick to my stomach and almost passed out when I realized what had happened.

No but when I was on an insulin pump the tube tied in a KNOT somehow. Of course this was during a family vacation and I got extremely ill. I was just a little girl and my family freaked out because the diagnoses was new and they didn’t know why I kept getting higher. That was probably one of the most traumatic experiences with the pump I’ve had. Somehow I would always manage to tie that thing in a know unknowingly.

I have actually gotten my tubing caught on a door knob. Actually this has happened numerous times

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Yep, I did that a lot too before I switched to the Omnipod. It’s a miracle I didn’t break the thing honestly.

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My insurance won’t cover the tubeless pumps. Grrrrr


So sorry for that! I would always get so frustrated with the tubing. One thing you could consider is getting a leg wrap or garder. Of course if you wear jeans a lot this doesn’t really help but I always found myself making things myself to contain the device.