Tough (but awesome) Weekend

Ok, I’m bummed about being back from vacation for 2 weeks now, that summer is almost over, ( I admit I live for the summer) and its getting a bit chilly at night here (NJ) But - me and the band had a great weekend playing music at a large Christian Rally, or “Day of Renewal” and I had my family over for one last cookout for the summer. Also managed to stick somewhat to my diet (Johnsonville brats really don’t qualify as health food) and managed to keep my BG down to near normal , getting up to only 128 2 hrs after way too much food at the cookout which included a bit of way too sweet birthday cake for my sister. I guess these 2 hour sessions at the gym are paying off- although I admit I actually enjoy going!.
Ok, its Monday, back to the grind and back to healthy eating! …except maybe one Miller lite with dinner ???