Tough Mudder Race—do it or not?

I could use your advice/guidance…I have T1D with omnipod pump and dexcom g6. I am considering participating in the Tough Mudder race—10 miles with 20 obstacles. The obstacles look intense, kinda like on tv show-American ninja warrior with lots of mud, water and high drops into water if u fall on some of the obstacles. So…my concerns are…

  1. Not sure how I will monitor my numbers during the race as I can’t keep my phone with me (no Apple Watch)
  2. I worry my omnipod or dexcom could get knocked during the race
  3. if I drop from 15feet into the water, could that damage the pod or dexcom??
    Has anyone ever done a race like this?? Any advice is appreciated!!!

I haven’t done a mudder, but in any long race I always turn my basal off, so you might consider going without the basal. Even if the pod falls off, it doesn’t matter, when the race is over put on a new one.

Just tape up your dex and it will be fine.

I would suggest you can get one of these to put your Dex receiver in:

Since it is 10 miles, perhaps there is a spot or two where someone can have supplies along the route, for you to test and take insulin if needed?

As to your question “do it or not”, yes of course! Do it!

Hey JCVillafranca I used to run races. 5 and 10k before I was on the pump.
I use Dexcom G4 and Omipod now and getting back into running after some weight gain.

Not a doc, nurse or diabetic teacher

First, I think you should takes test strips and a meter. Buy a Walmart or CVS brand
if you do not want to use the expensive Dexcom. Check how the meter calibrates with Dexcom and see if it reads differently over time like when you r at yr lowest or highest and just regular just be able to have some idea how they work differently. One assumes that sugar may go low but with the anxiety and stress of the race it may go high. I have read about this and it happened to me Everyone is different. I took hammer gels with me. I would suggest that you recreate the race as much as possible to get an idea on how your sugars may run. Think of how long the race is. Based on how long you will need to complete the race talk with doc about treatment options.

"How many times have you climbed a cargo net? Scaled an 8-foot wall? U have to be relatively fit.

If the GG 6 is water proof I would use it with the following products.

Skin-Tac™ Adhesive Barrier Wipes 50 count first on skin

then apply sensor then use 3m Tegaderm Transparent Film Dressing 2.375" x 2.75

cut the center out and cover the sensor area but not the sensor . Check out you tube videos on this This may be different for you as I used G4. Then test in shower, then in pool. I have used skintak with the pod before staying far away from the insertion stick and used tegaderm( as will you will need a larger size for the pod). I do not feel the need to do so now. Make sure your clothing/swim wear holds the items in place so they can not become loose if it rubs on dirt or you hit something while running. I would use and extra wrap of fabric. Practice, train, train. check out articles on diabetics, running and cycling.

It seems like fun. I would love to do one. post back your experience

“The year of running dangerously” is a good book or audiotape about running
Just my thought verify for your condition as we are different and I am type 1.5
Eddie2, pack seems Interesting might check it out. Just keep it tight.

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Good idea. Have a friend maybe met you at certain spots


This is not the first time that “Tough Mudder” has come up here. I suggest that you click the hour glass in the upper right corner of the page and do a search for the term “Tough Mudder”.

I did the search and got 14 hits. Hopefully the experience of others will help you.