Tracking Software

I hate keeping paper records. I hate having paper all over the place. It just annoys me. I'd even rather have most of my books in electronic format than have to physically move them everywhere all the time.

So keeping paper diabetes records drives me crazy, naturally.

I tried several different apps for the 'Droid and didn't care much for most of them. is free and isn't bad, but I thought it was a little clunky and not very user friendly. The reports it generated didn't seem quite so useful either.

I tried D Sharp for a couple of weeks and have decided that I really enjoy it. The app can be used on any device, as it is web-based; so you can access your information from virtually anywhere. I like the reports it 'spits' out.. you can get your average TDD for the past 7, 30, or 90 day in a bar graph format. You can view your BG curves from the last 7 days with each day having a different colored line. It will even 'estimate' your A1C from the BG numbers you've entered over the last 90 days. No, it may not be super accurate on the A1C, but it gives you your average blood glucose at the very least which I find helpful and have enjoyed seeing it decrease!

I can also track blood pressure, weight, and exercise. I could go on and on about how much I like it. If you have questions or need help, the developer is very good about responding.

It DOES cost $3 a month. I was skeptical at first, because I hate having monthly subscriptions for computer based programs and apps.. but I really enjoy how user friendly it is already- and it just released in February. They plan to add the nutrient database to it at some point as well.

I just wish I could keep my food log there too.. I e-mailed to ask if they were going to add that eventually, or if they had any recommendations of other apps that can act as a food diary. But hey, I still love the app and think it's totally awesome.


Thanks,I'll have a look. Web-based is goooood :)