Trade or Donate Accu-chek Aviva

Hi all

I just started on my Ping so I am switched to One Touch Ultra testing. Unfortunately the One Touch strips cost me 3x more than the Aviva did so I’d love to do a trade if anyone has One Touch strips and wants Accuchek strips and/or meter. I have about 400 strips and the meter but would like to keep my lancing device as I prefer it.

Trading is my ideal, but if there is nobody interested in that and somebody is struggling with paying for supplies I would be happy to donate the meter and strips minus lancing device (I’d be glad to send the one that came with my One Touch instead).

I am switching to Aviva due to insurance changed my tiers to a higher tier, and Aviva is Tier 1 for me. I have 300 strips, one box expires 7/2011 and 2 boxes expire 9/2011.

If you are interested in changing, please email me:


The meter would be great too. Thanks, Spicysmom

Zoe, you know that you can manually enter your BS readings into the pump. I like my Aviva meter and decided to stick with it so I just manually enter numbers. The One Touch was running about 10 points higher for me.

Yes, I know, Kelly, thanks. I did that until I got my One Touch strips. But I like using the meter remote and don’t want to have another device in the mix.

Sounds perfect, Spicysmom, I’ll send you an e-mail so we can set it up. I’m

should bnot be 3X someone is ripping you off Google shopping shows 50 i touch for 30 and 50 accuchek for 25 so a lil more but not 3x.

Dick, the price Zoe has to pay is not set by what someone can walk into any store and buy the strips for but what her insurance company decides the price is. Most insurance companies pick preferred brands and those brands are the ones you can get for the cheapest price.

Wow and I thought I had lousy insurance! _ I pay over the counter prices that are approved by BCBS until I pay 7000 out of pocket then they pay 100% after that - but they let me have whatever strips I want or need

  • I forgot about the luxury of copays - my 600 strips would cost me more like 600 so the dif between 25 and 75 is not so big in my opinion

Kenx is correct, dickengel, I was talking about insurance. Medco charged me $25 for my 3 months supply (900) of Aviva and charges me $75 for the same supply of One Touch because it is not a preferred brand for their pharmacy. Yes, I know, certainly not much to complain about compared to over the counter prices.

Am I missing something, Dick? I’d definitely rather pay $25 or $75 for three months (900 for me) than pay 7,000 out of pocket and then be covered 100%! Oh, maybe you were comparing your insurance to just buying over the counter?

Yes, I know the difference between $25 and $75 is not great, but when you are semi-retired and live in one of the most expensive places in the U.S. even co-payments for all my meds do add up. I’m thinking of going to Kaiser this year ::::shudder::::. But yes, I consider myself very fortunate to have good free insurance. For once in my life I planned for my future! (Better late than never…lol).

By the way Spritesmom and I completed our exchange and I’m happy to have TuD to do things like that!

at the time of the comment i was not aware of the minor difference between 25 and 75 - I will hit the 7000 quickly, insulin for my wife and I is 1250 each per 90 days or 10000 per year plus strips plus insulin pump supplies etc so the incremental cost for me is zero in that i can have either strip at the same cost. Yes my insurance is costly but I suppose better than so many that have nothing!

I agree. I lived in Guatemala for two years and one of my reasons for moving back was the cost of my meds. Everyone is surprised when I say that because they think meds must be cheaper in a third world country. They were! But I had to buy everything over the counter and couldn’t use my insurance (at least not honestly…lol).

You also dont take into account shipping… The problem with using google/froogle/ebay/etc to price compare is there may be a very high shipping cost attached and/or the strips are expired or close to expired…

Say i get 50 one touch strips from a mail order vendor for 30… they might charge 15/20$ just to ship it… unless you make a 100$ order…

thats 65$ for those 50 strips… Iv seen a lot of things like this…

Tey Amazon Test Strips
I have used them a couple times and get 100 for about 53 with free shipping. Also Freestyle has a rebate program for out of pocket expenses - check it out on their website