Trailer for new Jason Statham movie, "Diabetes": Offensive? Amusing?

Goto and click on the Trailer for the new Jason Statham movie, “Diabetes.”

Warning: Language, violent scenes, and/or content may offend some people.

Did you find the trailer for “Diabetes” offensive? Amusing?

I thought it was hilarious… after seeing Crank one too many times (don’t ask why, there is no explanation) I laughed a lot seeing the diabetes version… I mean its obviously inaccurate and dumb, but I found it amusing nonetheless. Its just poking funnnn.

Spoof rating: two thumbs up.

Such hand-eye coordination even with a massive low!

I TRY not to steal glucose from little old ladies, but when ya got a low, ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

not offensive, also not really amusing. But that’s just my opinion :slight_smile:

I personally don’t like it or find it funny, even if I try…

Not that I have no sense of humor whatsoever… but when it comes to a violent clip that does not particularity help raising diabetes awareness (or even worse mislead information) I can’t seem to squeeze some empty laughs out of me. but, It was not offensive to me.

to quote one of our wise admins: “I am(definitely getting) old and cranky”

I love comedy
and this was not even close to funny =)
srry just an opinion
but oh well
not really… just didnt like it that he is all aggressive
now people are gonna think that about us ignorant people ONLY
but other than that
it was okay…

I was hoping it was longer and even more offensive!
Like if he met up with a lady going low who has PMS.

Craig,what a great idea, imagine if she had PMS and her husband was an endo who had just got fired cause all of us D’s became so great at everything, then he found out the wife was having an affair with a diabetic nurse and he was so annoyed he broke into an M+M factory and spiked all her meals with large amounts of M+Ms, then he realised she wasn’t insured…

BWAHAHAH you have quite an imagination Josephine!

Wait till I get started on the Poitin !!!

Gratuitous in the violence department. Have any other diabetics reacted anything like that? It will certainly send erroneous messages to non-diabetics and, more tragicly, to newly diagnosed ones.

hummmmm,was that chuckabetes’s cousin?

You like the Three Stooges when you were growing up Gordie? Did they adversly effect your life knowing that you can’t really get over the head with a sledge hammer and be “ok”?
Tom and Jerry cartoons?
It’s a Parody Gordie, lighten up.
Do you really think a new diabetic is going to think they will react like this if they go low?
HMMM I do remember standing in front of Walmart newly D dxed… Talking on this new cell phone I got (never believed in them, always told my girlfriend jokingly they were evil) to my new girlfriend of a couple months, put a dollar into a coke machine and it ate it… Ok I was going low… So I reached in my pocket, put another dollar in and it ate it again… I was BOILING!!! ready to shake it punch it kick it… My girlfriend on the other end heard all this and talked me into just getting in my car and driving down the road to McD. and getting some food instead… Was this because I saw the Road Runner almost get blown up by Wile E Coyote? No it was because I was fricken hungry and going low! Real life… So if a non diabetic or more tagicly a newly diagnosed one took this as for “real life” than they need a reality check…
Sorry if this sounds a bit harsh but its been one of those days and have gone almost 7 hours without anything to eat… I need to go eat dinner.

It was not at all offensive, in fact it was quite funny.

And you can tell the producers know the deal with Type 1, as the doctor does begin to correct the patient regarding the need to eat sugary foods.

Bottom line: if you can’t laugh at yourself, diabetes and all, you aren’t going to be a very happy person.

ridiculous but funny as heck! I sometime feel like I need the candy to live, hahaha! I do think it might be offensive to some but not to me :slight_smile:

i just watched it
and wow!
i dont think i’ve laughed that hard in a long time!

Not offensive at all. In fact, if you’ve ever watched more of their videos (from this one is probably one of their least offensive ones haha, this is the type of humor they portray in their videos. They like to make light of stereotypes people have, and they are pretty hilarious if you ask me.

Not their best, but pretty damn funny!

Yeah you know, my first review was just stupidity. I like stupidity, it makes me laugh but then i watched it again and I thought it was really really stupid. I cannot get over the knowledge of what a new type 1 really is. All of that said, I found no offense, but if they really want to make a college humor diabetic movie, they need to include some loud farts. Lets face it no college humor movie is complete without some really loud fart humor.

rick phillips

if you can’t make fun of it then it’s not serious
If you watched crank then it makes alot sense
if you don’t like it then chuck norris will roundhouse kick you, because i bet he liked it (see we vlike chuck jokes, why not this)
it’s like saying pick up lines like “is that a pump in your pocket or you just happy to see me” aren’t funny

if you get easily offended then don’t watch this: Metaloclypse

they should make insulin flavored candy