Trailer for new Jason Statham movie, "Diabetes": Offensive? Amusing?

it’s funny i didn’t like crank 2 that much, to much nudity yuck

Hmm… I found it a bit over the top. I guess because I’ve never acted that extreme when I was low. I’ve been in a panic but I never beat the crap out of anyone. I am neither amused nor offended.


You need to write a screenplay! Hope you’re a writer because you should be.

That’s exactly what fluctuating glucose levels feel like!!!

Yeah, if you haven’t seen Crank then you won’t find it very funny since it is more of a parody of that movie than of diabetes (or anything else).

I hesitated providing the link to the Jason Statham movie, “Diabetes.” Because I recalled the old saying “any publicity is good publicity," be it good publicity or bad. And because I was concerned that more tudiabetes community members would be offended than have expressed their feelings to date.

I’ve noticed that some members have not bothered to reply about the trailer although they visited tudiabetes yesterday and this morning. Perhaps the silence of those members is their way of expressing their feelings. Best regards, Lucy

Loved it. Yeah, you kind of have to get the Crank reference to really appreciate the spoof. I clicked the link and started watching, wondering if maybe this was a real movie. As soon as I got the joke, though, I couldn’t stop smiling as I watched the rest of it. Funny as hell. So glad you linked to it, otherwise I doubt I’d have stumbled upon it otherwise. Thanks.

“Hey, that’s my soda!”

Why read so much into it? Maybe they didn’t reply because they didn’t look at the movie. I don’t read every thread here, just the ones the pique my interest.

nobody knows who Metaloclypse is!? I think people would be offended of this more! lol

I thought is was stupid and yet funny. It basically had nothing to do with diabetes except they said the word. I love that the candy stripe was packing!

I wasn’t offended at all, I thought it was funny and a great spoof of the movie CRANK. WELL DONE.
Personally, I find that humor really helps regarding managing my diabetes.

i assure you i didnt do something near that even

i even came out of the endos office and red a newspaper!
i liked that female doctor(shes strong and kicks too!)

that was really fuñ!

I didn’t see Crank. I seem to find something amusing in most things in Life.

I thought the video was kind of stupid but definitely funny. To me, it doesn’t look Good for Diabetics probably because it is a comedy and his actions were unexpected. I can hear the non-diabetics now…“OMG, he’s crazy”. Something similar could actually happen because of the release of adrenalin when hypo. I still remember on occasions Mom saying when I was young, “Do you know it took the three of us to hold you down”? My younger Brother when he was about 35, at work, walked through 6 workmates who were trying to stop him. If they were in his way, they ended on the floor. He wasn’t purposely trying to hurt them. He was heading for something to raise his sugar. He was in a trance and the Guys said he was like a tank. Fight or flight. Some don’t experience the fight.

I was not offended but I do hope the Old Lady won at the end. :smiley:

I thought the video was OK. Some funny moments, but overall not too funny.

I was not offended by it either.

I would argue, on the topic of “any publicity is good publicity” that it COULD create a certain level of awareness, even if it is bringing the word “DIABETES” to the top of the Digg home page, but I don’t know that it accomplishes much beyond that.

What I also liked (from a D POV) is that sugar was not off limits and loved the fact the lady Doc was kick ■■■!

Good point Terry Keelan about not everyone reads every discussion at TuDiabetes; I miswrote and agree with you. Most likely–silent members aren’t offended members, regarding the discussion about the Jason Statham movie, “Diabetes.” Apparently, I need to put more thought into my replies before adding them.

As a newbie, I try to keep up with new discussions & subsequent replies and, when I have time, I read old ones. But like you: I don’t read every discussion, “just the ones that pique my interest.” Also, I find the ones that I do read very insightful about a diabetic world of humor, anger, regret, sorrow, hope, trust, distrust, frustrations, fears, and more–of which I’m a part…whether I like it or not. Thanks to everyone for their candid and enlightening discussions and replies.
Best regards, Lucy

don’t laugh at this

I found it somewhat amusing.

I like your movie so much better than “Diabetes”!

I had the same response, haha. You definitely have to have seen Crank to really appreciate it at all, I think the point was mostly to parody Crank, which it did well.