Trailer for new Jason Statham movie, "Diabetes": Offensive? Amusing?

That was really bad and offensive using diabetes to do a spoof video. It really demeans diabetics.

I was not offended by it, since I understand what diabetes is like and what it can be like to be hypo. I wonder whether the non-diabetic world will understand the message of the clip. I’m more offended by scenes like the one in Porky’s where they tell the cop that the drunk guy face down in his soup is really diabetic. Now, as for fun violence, I prefer the opening scene to Terminator, where Arnold is getting himself properly attired and armed.

I thought it was funny…:slight_smile:

that was plan stupid and totally not true.
i know that it was only poking fun, i give them props for that,
but if your gonna poke fun get your facts straight.

we dont eat candy bars 24/7 like fattys, its called glucose duh.
and usually when first diagnosed it HIGH bloodsugar.
ugh, it was really dumb in my eyes.

I must say you are a sick one Rick… That’s why I like reading your comments… Oh wait… I hear something…

Oh man, that was gratuitous …
Come on, click it… U know u want to.

Kinda funny! But I do think I could have knocked down a little old lady… trying to fix a low. LOL!

You haven’t seen the movie Crank.

you know it would totally go down like that if the guy on crank was hypo, except there wouldn’t be big public sex scene. LOL

Unfortunately. :slight_smile:

There should be a video done of a woman with a low blood sugar level… imagine a blond bimbo that gets these flirtatious eyes and can’t quite speak and maybe messes with light switches - or think of a happy intoxicated woman (for some reason my low blood sugar levels were a turn on to my husband but at the same time he would come to my rescue with good ol’ Tang - now I don’t really have symptoms and talk normally when my blood sugar level is low).

LMAO! You need to have a chat with Josephine, you have quite an imagination Mommy of Three!

OI, I’m onto you boy. How is your husband by the way Mommy of Three ?

You ever have some good ol’ Tang Josephine? BWAHAHAH

I hope you’re not implying that I have any idea what you’re talking about. You’ve been Tangoed, that’s it, now I’ve stayed up so late I’m going low, thanks Craig.

Hubby is hoping and praying for a low blood sugar level with the same symptoms! He always thought it was kinda sexy. (Just kidding about him hoping and praying for the blond intoxicated bimbo low! He’s actually all for me getting the CGMS as soon as possible due to my unawareness issues lately with the low’s.)

it was kinda stupid so is this gonna b a really movie?

Best comment in the thread.

what? how? but seriously?

It is a satire based on the movie Crank. It will not, unfortunately, be made into a real movie. If you haven’t seen Crank then you will think it is pretty lame, but it’s a very entertaining movie so check it out.

I found it funny, not really about the diabetes part, more because it was a spoof. It was so inaccurate about diabetes that I really don’t find it offensive because it doesn’t really feel like it is about diabetes.