Training Day!

I get put on the pod today. I'm so excited!

Good luck. I love mine!! It is a learning experience but well worth it. My numbers are so much better!!

Woohoo!! You are going to love it. Very liberating to not have tubing and not deal with MDI! Good luck/have fun and be sure to come here with any questions.

Hooray! You're going to do great and totally love it. Keep us posted on any interesting tidbits your learn.

Looks like I need to run out to the hardware store and get one of those!! :) Enjoy!!

congrats! Let us know how it goes :)

Congrats! head to the paint section of the store and the PDM's that dont exist according to Insulet Appear :)

Haha thats what I was thinkin...of all places i've tried to find the PDM....the paint section wasn't one

How did it go? Is your barnacle attached?

Thats one "good" thing about insulet when I got my system the rep came to my house for training. See they aren't all bad...haha

FYI their "promise to call me in 24 hrs" never happened yesterday

Agswin04...I have decided to swap out my small pods (received last Friday) for the larger ones. After speaking with Insulet a couple of times, this is what they suggested because they told me and my distributor that these 'new' pods weren't suppose to be given to existing customers. The Insulet reorder department said that they anticipate the starter kit PDM's will ship with one of the next regular shipments to existing customers. I was not provided a specific time-frame because they say they don't know....but just a quick calculation...if Insulet considers 3 months on reorders, it could easily be another 6 months or more before this process starts (even though they told investors most will receive it by the end of the 3rd quarter). I don't want to buy a PDM, my distributor can't get me one from Insulet and Insulet won't send one, so I am doing as instructed....sending them back and exchanging them for the 'old pods.

Good deal...arm is the ONLY place I wear mine now. I've learned to sleep in a way where Im not going to rip it off...I only remember which arm, or that Im even wearing a pod when I run into something or if someone is about to touch my arm...guess thats kind of weird.

Cant wait to use the 4 boxes of shiny new pods!

Yesterday I put my pod on my shoulder and later on when trying to bolus it wouldn't connect...because I was trying my opposite hip. I'd totally forgotten where I put it :) I love the pod!