Transmitter Failed

My G5 transmitter failed out of the blue today. It was less than a month old and is totally kaput. I tried restarting the sensor and repairing (both on the phone and the receiver) but no dice.

Unfortunately, Dexcom was doing something with their phone system and I couldn’t get a call to connect to them for hours today. So even though I started calling at 1pm, I didn’t get someone until 5pm and missed the cutoff for getting a replacement shipped before the weekend. So now I have to wait until Wednesday…

The funny thing is that it stopped working but I’m still wearing it. Completely forgot to take it off!

I called them to see about how to have a backup transmitter around, but short of paying full price for a backup, I just have to stick to the schedule (I pay cash and they give me discounts after buying a certain number of sensors). With my sensors I was able to stretch them out so that I never had to worry about not having a replacement. It bothers me that I can’t easily do the same with the transmitter. Oh bother…

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So sorry to hear you missed the deadline. I know the feeling of not being able to reach a company by phone. Recently, when I called to inquire at Walgeens why my strips weren’t going through Medicare, I spent several hours on the phone over the course of two days, one time holding for 48 minutes (it’s a 24 hr. Walgreens) up until 10:15PM. So I called a different Walgreens to find out about my RX. They said I had to speak with the Walgreens where the RX was located, so I ended up driving over there. They had several signs posted that explained their phone system was totally down, AND their computers were running very slowly. AND, they couldn’t check with Medicare (because their phones were down). I had to wait another day or two for them to sort everything out. Crazy!

Again, sorry to hear you missed the cutoff–that’s so frustrating.

Oh no that sucks😟 I hope you get a new one soon. Some people get two transmitters at one time on insurance. Mine will only pay for one so I have to get them every 3 months and call my supplier when it warns me the battery is failing. I think it’s crazy they didn’t make this with a better battery. I hope you get yours asap. If you put your devices on home owners inurance if they are damaged or fail - not sure about device fail- you can get a new one paid for. I had my receiver replaced that way when I wore it into a pool.

Oh my goodness, what a great idea! I pay for both my pump and cgm in cash and am going to look into getting them insured.

They send me 2 at a time, but there’s a period where I am on the second one and don’t have a spare (like now).

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Yep. Just check to see if it covers the device failing too. It covers theft and damage due to user error etc. it will be a lot more expensive to insure the pump depending on the insurance but I think may be worth it if you’re paying cash for it. Keep in mind the pump warranty covers you for pump failure. I’m not sure about user stuff. But Tandem has replaced my pump 3 x now due to errors. Twice with a brand new pump.

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If it is one month old, that sounds like a manufacturing error. They should replace for free.

Yup! They sent me a replacement and asked that I send the bad one back. I am just complaining that while I wait for the replacement, I am without CGM.

But luck was on my side, I had a shipment of sensors coming, and someone snuck the replacement transmitter in there in time for me. So I got it this morning instead of Wednesday! :tada: