It's finger stick time again - Dexcom transmitter fail

Shortly after finishing the evening meal, I was getting a solid tone alert from my receiver. I had never heard that particular alert. I was listening to the news with reporters on location in Afghanistan. I thought the beep was coming from their equipment. Then I looked at my watch, no BG reading, phone and receiver both saying transmitter failure, replace.

I thought I could do the windows fix. I popped it out using a test strips to unlock it, let it sit for 30+ minutes and tried to restart it. iPhone settings shows it paired in bluetooth. I get successful transmitter pairing on Dexcom app and the receiver, but then it starts over again with transmitter serial number and sensor code.

I gave up, called Dexcom. A new transmitter and sensor is on it’s way, one or two days. So, back to fingersticks, bummer!

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I have a back up of transmitters. The first time I had to do without one I realized how much I missed it lol!!! I got lucky because at the time Costco had a deal where they were free. Then a couple died early and they sent me replacements, so now I have 2 and a half???

So I suggest you get your normal shipment of your transmitter so you will have an overlap and won’t be without one if one fails again. Make sure you rotate them per expiration date as they don’t work much past their dates. Plus the ones Dexcom sends you usually have a shorter expiration date on them so you might check that.

In my case mine was loose in it’s seat and I ended up taping it in. Which was good because they said they would overnight that first one. It took them 5 days to ship it and then it was 2 day air which was really 4 days. So I would have been out of one for over a week.


I get 9 sensors and one transmitter for 3 months.
My insurance makes it a little rigid. But I can order a couple of weeks early which prevents me from being without.
I think dexcom offers this deal to large insurance companies so that they can eliminate the whole purpose of restarting sensors.

I’m kind of excited to see who figures out how to restart the g7 first

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I had that problem also. I asked my endocrinologist to write a prescription for an additional transmitter. It went through medicare and now I have one in my possession at all times. I still get one every three months via my normal deliveries. I always use the older one. I have done the same with insets and sensors. So that now if I botch an insertion or fumble the loading of the reservoir I have an immediate replacement. I always waited 65 minutes. One of my sensors/transmitters got wet at the 7 day mark, after I was sweating from the heat. The transmitter stopped transmitting. I removed and install a new sensor and wiped the transmitter with rubbing alcohol, let it sit for 10 minutes to dry and started a new session. It worked again, although that transmitter did not seem to last the three months. I now use and overpatch if I am going to get sweaty and the shower. I rub the area around the sensor with alcohol to remove the body oils and then apply the patch.

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I hope G7 will be readable by xdrip, more than wanting restart.

My guess is G7 not restartable, or not easily.

Yeah, Dexcom’s idea of expidite is rather slow. Just got this in an email - Ordered


Estimated Delivery

That’s five days by my the pricking of my fingers. Apologies to Willy Shakespeare

Speaking of transmitters - in my last 2 monthly Medicare sensor orders, a new transmitter has been included. Is Medicare (or CCS medical, my supplier) automatically sending transmitters now with each order?? Or did I just get lucky???

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Pass some of that luck to me. Solara’s Plus app shows 2 transmitters when I next order, but I’ve been fooled by that before. Fingers crossed, I checked the cost of out of pocket transmitters, too rich for this retiree.

Plus-level Sam’s a Club members can get them for $125, cash price without insurance. It’s not exactly pocket change, but it’s much better than the $360-450 I’m seeing at other pharmacies.


I’ll check that out Friday, when I will be in Sams. That’s doable. Thanks, Robyn, you may be a finger saver. Speaking of which time to stick and test and then stick. You know the drill. :joy:

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You still need the script, though, and at my sam’s club they need at least a days notice to order them in. They don’t keep them in stock. I’d highly recommend having your doctor send a script over to them today.

Just checked at my local Sam’s they want $296 with the plus card. Ah well, I hope Decom/FedEx comes quickly.

Also Costco has transmitters for $149.

But Costco can be weird. You can’t call them and just ask the price, it won’t be accurate to what you actually get charged. Plus they have a free pharmacy member program that sometimes gets you items at a cheaper price. It’s the stupidest thing, but to know the accurate price of what you’re paying you have to get a prescription filled and “pick” it up. And just turn it down at that point if you don’t like the price. It can be very exasperating. I don’t know if I’ve ever been given the right price over the phone. The good news is it’s either the right price or cheaper, never more expensive.


I’ve had this problem before, too, but it rings up right in the end. $296 is the cash price before the Plus discount. That’s what non-Plus members pay without insurance. They’re not privilege to the final price until they enter your member id at checkout and it puts the big discount on.

Excuse the dreadfully cropped picture that removes all my personal info, but this receipt is just a few weeks old:

The prescription savings is only valid without any other insurance, though, so I find it helpful to get my other prescriptions elsewhere and not give them my insurance info at all.

It’s worth it to have them order one in for you. If for some reason it doesn’t ring up right, you can just walk away. You’re not obligated to buy a prescription you can’t afford.

No Costco at this time maybe in 2022.

We posted at the same time, so I hope you saw my previous response. My insurance doesn’t cover Dex, so I’m all about the penny pinching!

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Oookaaay! I guess I will try again. I’ve avoided the Plus option for several years. The big thing we buy at Sams is dog and cat supplies. After talking with pharmacy I bought a sack of cat chow and a box of litter.

FedEx delivered and I have 35 minutes left in the warmup period. I’m glad as tomorrow I do a longish group bicycle ride and I don’t like doing that without the Dexcom.

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