Transmitter fell off

And I have no idea at what time of the day it happened. I ran multiple errands and didn’t pay attention to the receiver until just now and it said sensor error… Looked and there was no sensor! I’m of course freaking out. Has anyone lost one or had to get one replaced? Is it full price from Dexcom? I’ve had it about 9 months. Grrrr. SO MAD at myself!!

Hi roxie004--I was sent an itemized bill from Dexcom when I bought my G4 in December. It broke out the cost of the Receiver Kit (List $699), the Transmitter Kit (List $799), and the 4-pk of sensors (list $499). So yes, if you lost your transmitter off your disposable sensor, they are sold seperately. And the bill also shows the discounted rate they negotiated with Aetna...of which I pay just a percentage. On a good note, the transmitters' batteries die after several months so you would have been buying a new one soon anyway, so don't sweat it!

Do you have Seven+ or the Gen4 ? If it's been 9 months, I'd guess that you have the Seven+, and did not upgrade when Gen4 came out.

So, if your Seven+ is still under warranty (1 year for recvr, transmitter), then I think Dexcom offers a reduced cost replacement for lost recvr, and might also do same for transmitter.

But you might also still qualify for an upgrade to a full Gen4 system, for 399 (Rcvr + trans).

Call Dexcom to see what your options are.