Dexcom G4 transmitter lifespan

I realize the G4 has been a available in the states only a short time, but has anyone had any issues with transmitter failure outside of the six month warranty? And also has anyone from the EU, where this has been on the market for some time now, had one last a year or more?

Hi, mine's been going since beginning of last July.

That is great news English lady, I am curious, is your G4 a standalone unit or combined with the Animas Vibe?

Mine is a standalone unit which I use with an Omnipod pump, affectionately known as my "plug-ins"!

Also standalone system, going since August.

Well I have unfortunately just got my official "LOW" battery warning on my G4 transmitter.
Seems I had a pretty good run with this one. I had received the system in Jan 2013, took it off the magnet for first time use in April '13, and just now (Apr '14) getting the warning... does anyone know how much longer I can go before it stops transmitting all together? A week, maybe two? Has anyone gone longer than one year with the G4? Any tricks to get it to last longer?

Mine lasted for an entire year, almost to the day. Just gave out yesterday after giving the low battery warning for about 5 days. I wear it 24/7.

Ditto to that for me. Did have a problem with the receive a few months back, called and got a replacement. Did a hard reset about 4 times, while plugged into the charger and got the wonky one to finally reset and behave. It has been fine since then so for now have two functional receivers. Works great for sensor reset/replacement time. Have staggered the start times so I always have sensor coverage on one receiver while the other is going through the 2 hour startup.

Exactly 11 months after first use, I started getting the low battery warning.

I just placed order, and they said paperwork, and advance insurance approval will take up to 10 days.

Hope it will last.

Joyce, mine just stopped today, 7 days from the first low battery warning, new one should be here by Tuesday.

So learned something with these transmitters;
I was keeping one (unboxed) as a backup and when my initial transmitter died I switched to the backup sensor (which at that point was way past its ship by date(=SB code in the box)

Not very wise, it only lasted about 6 months and died within 1 day from the first battery-low warning.

From reading here and elsewhere online, it appears that many G4 users are waiting for their transmitters to give a low battery warning before they order a replacement. I did that and it worked out fine. But now I'm reading stories about transmitter replacement delays due to insurance company and doctor office dis-coordination.

For those of us that use insurance companies to pay for the transmitter, it appears that it would serve us well to reorder a transmitter as soon as the warranty expires, whether the battery is actually low or not. That way we can have a fresh transmitter in a box handy for a quick replacement. I intend to reorder a transmitter every six months.

I depend on my G4 continuous readings not only for good BG control but also to avoid life-theatening lows. This has become almost as essential to me as insulin itself.

I can think of few things in life as frustrating and emotionally draining as sitting with an inop transmitter and trying to manage the Dexcom/insurance company/doctor office/Fedex communication/approval/shipment circus! Imagine trying to do this in the waning hours of the last business day before a three-day holiday weekend.

i will be on medicare soon
sounds like i should get a transmitter before that happens???

My last transmitter lasted less than six months and was replaced under warranty my previous one lasted just over a year