Treating reactive hypoglycemia

Since I’ve been having a bit of reactive hypoglycemia - luckily, nothing terrible, but dropping into the mid-60s - I was wondering if anyone knew of a way of treating reactive hypoglycemia other than the eliminate all sugar/keep physical activity constant/don’t drink diet modification. I’m getting married in a few weeks and, at this point, wouldn’t eat the wedding cake because I don’t want my bride to have to peel me off the floor! (to say nothing of the dancing and the toasts . . . recipe for disaster much?)

Thanks in advance!

– Dov

I need to stress at this point that I am not an expert, and that my recommendations are best used for a day or two (around wedding time) and not for life. Also, these are meant for Dov only, not regular Type 1’s.

Some things you could try:

  1. Letting your BG run high and not taking insulin (after all, you will dance the cake high off)
  2. Eating small amounts very often, instead of large meals
  3. Metformin. It works like a charm, and I didn’t drop below 3.9 (70.2) when I was taking it - unless I accidentally took insulin and then worked out. Actually, I’m kinda mystified why it’s not prescribed for Type 1’s with hypo unawareness or regular hypos.

Hi Dov,
I wanted to respond to you because my daughter has an extreme reactive hypoglycemia from sugar or many carbs of any kind. She is not a diabetic----YET. But my doctor has told her after tests, etc that he thnks things are under attack for her and that she will become diabetic. At any rate, we control things by keeping her diet very strict about the low carbs. She does not take in any refined sugar at all. And if anything is more than 4 or 5 carbs she does not eat it except on occasion some fruit. She may only eat a half a piece of fruit or a few bites of it, just enough to say she is eating fruit. The sugar she takes in is in the form of natural sugar. She loves corn and will eat a small Niblets ear (one of those small pieces about 3 or 3 1/2 inches long) every once in a while. But all she eats otherwise is meat and vegetables and lots of cheese. She does not eat any wheat or gluten or fructose as she is intolerant to all. But for us, the diet is very strict because nothing is worth the loss of conciousness or a trip to the hospital where we quickly learned how to bring her up slowly from a deathly low.
A word of caution. Please be very careful of how you treat a low so you don’t put yourself right back down again.
If things are not this touchy for you then I am glad. My daughter is very thin and from your picture you don’t look like you have any to spare either. She eats a lot, just with no sugar. I wish you well. And I hope this helps.


I’m interested in hearing more about your daughter’s reactive hypoglycemia and how it’s progressing. I have an extreme case of similar symptoms, but after 6 years, I can no longer eat carbohydrates (only meat and protein) and my reactive time is within 20 minutes (it used to be 2-4 hours when it started). I am also not a diabetic. Therefore, I would like to hear more from you or from her.

Thank you.