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Hello, I have had type I for about two years now. I recently met a Naturopathic Dr who has told me that he has cured several of Type I diabetes... he is sincere and amazing and I'm's worth a try !!!! Here's what he has me doing so far... first off, I had to go gluten free...still working on this one, it's hard. Then, he had me rid my body of all metals...he says there are metals that are in vaccines so if I'd ever been vaccinated (which I had) I had metals in my body...which affect the pancreas. He also told me that I had to rid my mouth of the mercury fillings that my dentist had placed many years ago. So I did. I went to the dentist and had those removed and put in the new clear fillings. Next, and very shortly after removing the metals from my mouth, I was to take high doses of cilantro pills. Cilantro losens up metals in your body, according to him and the research I've found. Then, after taking that, take Chorella (broken cell wall chorella only) to rid the body of the metals. It's a metal detox basically....that's where I'm at in the process...I'm not sure what's next. Once I started going gluten free I noticed I started needing less and less insulin... but then I "relapsed", if you will, and got back on gluten I'm starting over there. If this works for me, I will let everyone know...I will shout from the moutain tops. I've also prayed constantly and just asking God to take this horrible disease away from me...that's when I met that Doctor and he started helping me... we will see :) I am hopeful and I have faith.

If your Naturopath ever suggests that you can stop taking insulin, run like your life depends on it - because it does,

There is no "curing" type 1. There is good control though. If this doctor could cure type 1 he'd be famous and treating thousands of people. You can't kick start an organ that doesn't work. The gluten free low carb stuff could be really good. Gluten free overall helps a lot of people be "healthier" but I also know a lot of people who eat gluten and are healthy as well. Please don't be disappointed if you aren't cured though because if this was truly real no one would be type 1 diabetic.

Your naturopath does realize type 1 is an autoimmune disease, there is no cure. i'm so sorry to hear you went and had all your mercury fillings removed, wasn't this a big fad back in the late 1980's early 1990's, which proved and did nothing. I'd say a large majority of the entire planet has or had mercury fillings. the whole vaccine and metal thing, well, I don't know what to say about that, common sense maybe?

Gluten free seems to be rather 'trendy' these days, not sure why - it will probably die off in a year or so, like most 'food trends'. However, there is true Gluten Intolerance, it's called Celiac's Disease and one can be tested for it with a simple blood test, this is indeed real. One, however, needs to be eating gluten to take the test. Celiacs Disease and type 1 can often go hand in hand. I'd say go to a real doctor and ask for the test if you think you're having issues with gluten. If not, why bother. We as type 1's have challenges with eating anyway, IMO..why make it harder, ya know.

It is no surprise that gluten-free = less insulin. The items that contain gluten (cakes, pasta, bread, beer, yada yada) also require relatively high amounts of insulin as compared to strawberries and celery.

Please take care to keep your hopes for a cure in check. All the best.

Your alternative doctor might be on to something and don't brush him off

I SERIOUSLY believe GMO food and lack of exercise cause type 2 diabetes in America. There is a documentary movie about how are food is GMO but there is an interesting story in the movie. A tribe in South America hunt and ate food from the jungle fruit, grain AND animal(hear that vegetarians) and These people had no diseases and good teeth BUT once Americans/Europeans introduce what we eat in America and Europe to this tribe, the people in the tribe got bad teeth and all type of diseases.

After lack of exercise ,some people want to BLAME meat for diabetes but it's chemicals in the food that should be the focus.

GMO foods have no more chemicals than regular foods do. I think you might mean processed foods?

Please keep us posted on this, either way. I am science oriented and true science keeps an open mind. Bravo for trying and I hope it works. Thanks for sharing!

What is GMO?

Your food is in 3 categories

1. GMO (process food has GMO ingredients in the food)
2. half & half
3. non GMO

If you buy your food at fast food restaurant, most restaurants, Safeway. Raleys, Bel Air ,Lucky Target, Walmart, Winco etc ,your food is GMO ,some I mean food half & half

If you grow your own food ,buy your food at Whole Food Market, Natural food market, farmers markets, buy food label "Organic "or "non GMO", your food is half & half or GMO free

People need to ask themselves, our ancestor ate the same food( fruit, grain & meat) that we eat today and they didn't have these MAJOR food disease problem BUT their food didn't have GMO. Why is cancer, high blood pressure ,diabetes etc on the raise (excluded lack exercise)

gmo (genetically modified organisms food)

Diabetic should check out this site

How to shop for NON GMO food

People especially diabetic need to open their eyes when it comes to eating GMO foods and how it contribute to our diabetes. There is a serious consequences to eating GMO food ( meat AND fruit, grain and veggies). Exclude lack of exercise, meat and carbs isn't the first major enemy for diabetic but I believe GMO food is OUR enemy first before we start excluding meat and/or carbs .

Do your own research and decide for yourself

Thanks so much, missrobbie.

I've recently begun eating more single-ingredient foods, some of which I am growing. While I have no hope that it will reverse my T1 diabetes, I do believe it will make me healthier.

I appreciate the links and look forward to checking them out.

"We as type 1's have challenges with eating anyway, IMO..why make it harder.."

Going gluten free would make it much simpler! Everything that has gluten is high in carbs, so no gluten=much less insulin, and much lower blood sugar swings. And I do believe gluten free is a trend that will stick around for awhile, at least I hope so. The stuff is a result of GMOs, and is just plain unhealthy. There are many people with gluten sensitivities that will never be diagnosed, and people that eliminate it seem to eliminate many nagging ailments along with it.
As far as food cravings go, I can tell you from personal experience, once you cut it out of your diet for a while you never even miss it anymore.
Every diabetic should be gluten free IMO.

It is false that "our ancestors ate the same food". Our food is different in a hundred ways that have a direct bearing on this. Here are just four:

1. Preservatives
2. Antibiotics
3. Hormones
4. Carbohydrate. One hundred years ago the average American consumed four pounds of sugar per year. Today, according to the USDA, it's closer to two hundred pounds.


GMO foods are unquestionably part of the problem, but only one part among a great many.

GMO just means that they took the gene they liked from one plant and gave it to another.

In the past, our ancestors selected for foods based on traits they liked. They bred out what they didn't like and bred in what they liked.

Think about it: the tomatoes you grow yourself always taste better than the ones from the store, right? But the ones from the store are bigger and less likely to be damaged. Why do you think that is? The tomatoes are bred for different traits.

GMO is just a more precise way to do that. Imagine being able to grow tomatoes that are big and ship well but also taste great. That's what GMO is for.

If you're going to start a crusade against a food, you're better off not eating the preservatives and antibiotics and hormones. Those against GMO have "proof" that doesn't show anything. Find the sources for their "facts" first and decide if they're reputable sources.

I wish you luck, but I hope you have some level of skepticism. While mercury is certainly a bad substance, it naturally occurs in the water and soil. It is common for some items we eat to have a minimal amount mercury, like fish, anything with a good amount of HFCS (corn comes from the soil), etc. O

Also be aware that are bodies have a need for trace amounts of heavy metals like copper and zinc.

I really have to caution you. You live in Arizona, the land of charlatans and scammers. Anybody can practice "medicine." This is the land of Gabriel Cousen's from the movie Simply Raw that was backed by the animal rights activists. Gabriel Cousen's claimed to cure Type 1 and we have talked a number of times about him (here and here). If you read his wiki entry, it is clear he has harmed patients, including one who died.

I'm not saying that all Naturopathic doctors are bad, in fact Dr. Mona Morstein in Tempe seems quite reasonable. And it is true that many of us don't handle gluten well, either because we have Celiac's or because we just have problems with wheat/gluten. But any doctor that tells you that you can "cure" your T1, I consider is dangerous and would fire them on the spot.


Last time I check, my ancestors did eat what I ATE meat,fruit,grain and veggies but I could be wrong and maybe my ancestor ate wood and rocks instead.

P.S I think your post is proving my point about food (ancestors food vs now food)

Beg to differ. GMO ties genes from completely different kingdoms together in insane combinations. Fish genes in vegetables, Bacterial genes into corn, etc.