Tresiba not lasting?

Anyone having an issue with Tresiba not lasting? The insulin loses it’s effectiveness after about 20 hours, and my blood sugar spikes. I inadvertently went 32 hours once after starting the new insulin, and blood sugars spiked into the 500s. Anyone have any advice or suggestions? I cannot find other instances of any similar instances.

Thank you!

Please do not take this as medical advice, but if the duration of action of Tresiba that you are experiencing is less than 24 hours and you begin to spike, I suspect your dose needs to be increased.

I used Tresiba for a few months and found good coverage for a full 24 hours. If it were me, I would experiment with splitting your dose to two times per day. Keep good records so that you can make changes if you do not succeed at first. You may need to do an uneven split and trial and error testing will help you identify what will work for you.

I am aware that the size of the dose will effect its duration with smaller doses wearing out sooner than larger ones, all other factors held equal.

Hard to know what’s going on without more information but my experience with Tresiba is that its duration is well in excess of 24 hours, as others on this forum have described (and the manufacturer has demonstrated in research and trials).

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How long have you been taking long acting insulin for? What other long acting a have you used and how’d they work for you? Tresiba lasts perfectly flat well in excess of 24 hours for me… Have you been using it long enough to make dosage adjustments over time to get your ideal dose dialed in just right?

Thank you for all of the advice and suggestions. I’ve been taking the Tresiba for several weeks, but I’ve also questioned the dose. Splitting the dose is not recommended by either the manufacturer or my physician, but I will try increasing the daily dose and see if that helps. Thank you!

The advice I received from my physician was to increase or decrease the dose by two units, every two or three days.

Please verify if this is in line with your own physician’s instructions before attempting. I am not a medical doctor and cannot give any medical advice to you.

I am merely relating my own Tresiba experience. It seems very long lasting to me, and seems to take three doses to level out.

Good luck, but check everything with your doctor to be safe and sure.

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We could give more meaningful suggestions if we knew more about your history with diabetes, your experience level with self adjusting doses, etc

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