Trish: ADA site AGAIN

I emailed the webmaster and have nothad a response (last weekend.) Get a user name and password that ae correct (even had them sent to me) and cannot log on. Ideas?

Sorry about the problems! My solution was, perhaps unfortunately, to "retire" from that site and find a new one?

This is the second time for major site problems. I actually found Tudiabetes through ADA. Did you retire from ADA, AR? I first met you there, along with Trish and Harley, plus many others. Guess I should give it up.....

Too bad. I found he conversations there to be very good. When the site works properly.

Oh!! forgot MaryMary--learned a lot from her!

I had been through several rounds of it and after one, it seemed like the traffic really died down so I started hanging around here and it seemed like the threads on the message boards were a bit busier and there haven't been any of the service/ password issues that seemed to crop up repeatedly at the other site? I am too lazy to do more than one message board, blogs, etc.


Just saw this, then sent an email to Matt. It may be in the morning before he gets it though. Don't give up. Have you cleaned out the cache, cookies, and everything? That sometimes helps. There was one small glitch last week, where some couldn't log in. I couldn't either for about two hours. Also, sometimes cookies are like other things, they can get corrupted, regardless of which site a person is on. Send me an email or pm here, if you can't get on in the morning. I'll send you one over there, if you get on, you can let me know then.


I forgot to say something else. I don't know who the webmaster is, but they may have been off last weekend. Matt and some of the others from ADA were off, though.

Got an email that my request for information had been forwarded to the person who can help, or I can call. I did that once before, and was told they could do nothing with the message boards. They do seem a little confused........


Just sent another email to Matt. Hopefully he's not gone for the day. I'll send you a pm here, soon as I hear back from him. You aren't using your old user name are you by accident?


No. It is so weird. I even sent for user name and password and it was what I was using. I can type it in, but then it takes me to the T1 page to respond, asks me to sign in to respond, says the name and passwrod are incorrect.

The response I got was from the webmaster and looked like Matt, but the reply did not seem like him.

Thanks, Trish