Checking in and looking for former member of the ADA forum T1Wayne

Hi, everyone. I was a member on the ADA forum a few years or more ago. I believe that’s gone. I did a search for a handle of a member there, T1Wayne, and wonder if he’s still active here. He has a lot of knowledge about T1D!

I am pretty sure that I know who T1Wayne is. I sent a private message to that Wayne on another internet platform with a link to your post. We will see if he responds.

Looking at some of his posts here, It sure sounds like him.

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Me too…fresh after diagnosis the ADA forum was the only one I found at that point. I got some useful reassuring feedback from everybody there. Sorry to hear it’s gone.

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I’m the former “T1 Wayne” of the ADA forum; was sorry to see it go away. I’ve been active in a couple of other forums since then; not so much here, but do have an account with this site. Jaye2 - did you have a specific question? I’m glad you found me helpful in the past; I would be happy to answer anything you have now!

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Thank you, Luis3! I appreciate it.

John58, that was a very useful site. This looks to be a great one, too, and I hope to visit often!

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Hi, Wayne. I was just feeling nostalgic and wondering how everyone was doing these days. You were the one who introduced me to the book Think Like a Pancreas, which is a great resource, even though I’ve had T1D for 55 years now.

Are you involved in other T1 sites?