Trivia Question #23

On the board that I get these from, I got the answer instantly. :slight_smile:

A recent survey of Americans say that liver is the worst food.

What is #2?

raw oysters

Brussel sprouts


Fruit cake


it is a type of bean that I hate, hate, hate

yep lima’s ewwww gross

Just a suggestion here. If anyone is ever down south and you come across a little roadside produce stand, and they have some fresh lima beans, try them. They are incredibly delicious. Of course this was before my diagnosis, but i could skip a whole days worth of somethng else for some of those. Sorry Karen. I will try to dislike something else for you.

that’s a matter of opinion. i love liver, the only with it is very high protein content. gotta watch protein intake for kidneys

People rave over my wife’s lima beans.

I just have trouble eating an “organ” that cleans the blood supply.

Rutabagga, more for the smell (when it is cooking) than the taste.

Coming from the UK I have never heard of lima beans!