Trouble Detaching Transmitter

I'm having a bit of trouble detaching the Transmitter from the old sensor. I have a bit of arthritis in my fingers so I am not as dexterous as I used to be & I have only done it twice so maybe practice will make perfect.

I think I know now which wings on the sensor to prey open but I still fiddle around & I don't really understand how you are supposed to do it. As for the sensor lock that Dexcom says can be used as a tool to separate the 2, I just don't see how that works. I have watched a couple of videos & others do it effortlessly.

Any advice will be much appreciated

There are two pokey things on the side of the sensor lock. Those go into the wings on the sensor if you press down on it. It does take a little bit of pressure.

I find it easiest to get one side out first and then the second.

I don’t use the lock tool. I set it on the counter gauze down with the wide part facing me, put my thumb nails behind the two little clear plastic prongs that clip the transmitter into the base, pull them to the outside and it pops out.

I found out it's a matter of placement of the removal tool. The removal tool is the plastic holder on the side of the new sensor that you remove before pressing the plunger to insert the needle in your skin. If you use is, press just right at the right location and sometimes it'll need a wiggle, the old transmitter pops right out no fuss. Then you can just pick it right up and ready to go.

Call Dexcom, as they might be able to describe it better or assist better.

Like Scott, I've had success with the tool. I didn't realize that there even was a tool to do this at first and just used my thumb nails. The tool works much better for me.

There is one very easy way to get the transmitter to disengage: Use the incantation, "transmitus retractus". Oh, but you need a magic wand for that one. If you don't have a magic wand, don't despair. You can either get one from the Hogwart's store, OR you can use the tool that comes with the sensor as a magic wand. The trick is to put the sensor casing and transmitter on a table and push down at the releasing end with the two tabs between the transmitter and the release tabs. My suggestion would be to do this while watching one of the many videos demonstrating it and PAUSE the video until you can match each step. You can do it with this one at around the 5:15 minute mark:

Oh, and don't forget to say, "Transmitus retractus" as you do it.

Thank you Jeff that sounds like excellent advice. I will remember the incantation. I'll let you know how it goes on my next sensor change that I hope wont be for over a week from now.

I caught my daughter using her teeth to try to dislodge the sensor once!

Yesterday I changed my sensor. I remembered all your advice, used the tool & the transmitter popped straight off. Hurrah. Thank you everyone for all the advice.

That's great!